Thursday, 27 December 2012

Captive Butterfly - From start to finish -

i.... i cannot accurately describe my hate for butterfly wings....
but i think i'm getting ahead of myself.
Recently i've be in a new steampunk meets every mythical creature ever RP andi created a character for it.
The way i create characters is very much 'go with the flow'... so if you were to say "omg it's my long long twin!" i would go "yeah alright and this is how they were separated" because i find that curveball element of rping really really fun.
so Tiana, a small girl who seems to not know anything about this industrial world, was pretty much a blank slate.
All i knew was that i wanted her to look like an elf (potentially be one but who knows) and for her to be connected in some way that neither character can remember to my partners character.
she ended up using a character who may or may not be the Fairy queen (leaning towards most likely at this point in the plot) and has an obsession with butterflies.

SO.... having never drawn this character and hell having only invented her a few days ago i drew this
and then i did something i almost never do.... i changed my mind...
on pretty much everything....
normally when that happens i just scrap and start over.... no this time for some unknown reason i descided i'll just draw my changes overtop in photoshop.

after much cursing and going back and forth onwhat kind of design i wanted i ended up with
so yeah only the pose was in tact.... why i didn't just start over i will never know... but at this point i was committed.
so i work though it and i get to a point when i start wondering how the hell am i going to render the wings.... that is a lot of space to fill and have it stil llook like it's mean to be with that girl...

more swearing and groaning and asking myself why i always pick the most difficult way to approach things and later that day i finally had the finished piece.

so... so yeah... this is what i ended up with... i do like it in the end but i think i'm still partially in a slump.... grrrr...
just.... next time i say i wanna do butterfly wings... someone please stop me...
although i could probably do it a lot faster next time... hm...

anyways i hope you like
you can see it over at...
Deviant Art:
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