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year end top 10s -things that annoy me-

I think it's safe to say that i have a very odd sense of what i like.
For games it tends to be jrpgs and rhythm games.
For anime it tends to be slice of life with supernatural elements.
For novels it's pretty much any fantasy series with an interesting magic system.
For music it tends to be anything that starts off slow and builds as the song progresses and/or contains a violin
and for the things i didn't make lists for i like my TV shows to make me think and/or cry
i like my movies to be well paced and interesting and make me forget about how much time has actually passes and i like my manga to be girly beyond belief.

but what about the things that annoy/disappoint/ send me into a rage.
cause we all know people find negative things more entertaining then positive things...

so this will be a list of things that personally annoy me or get me ranting.... if you like some of these things/show/books then that's fine... i just find it annoying/rage inducing.

10. Lack of male figures. (in series that aren't shonen)
now as of late i can't bitch about this as much.
Being female and kinda nerdy used to mean all you would get figure wise is female character in sexual positions meant to get a male demographic to buy it. This wasn't always the case but if you look at most figures from even 5 years ago you will see that they can almost all be angled to give a pantyshot to the owner.
HOWEVER now things have changed (or are at least changing).... male characters in series that aren't shonen are getting full 1/8th scale figures with gorgeous details and decent price range... japan seems to have figured out that girls buy merchandise too and theres a whole new demographic for them to exploit.
and hey if it means one day i can have a 1/8th scale version of rocker kyon then please.... exploit away... but still as a artist and a sculpture i have been so sad by the lack of male character figures.
but seriously japan, scale Adol or Kyon (or remake that nice natsume one from years ago) and it will be an insta buy.

9. Rushed endings.
ever watched a show where the ending just makes you sit there and ask "wait... what?"
I can think of a few titles that do this... last exile, E's otherwise, Super gals... and it's always because they either didn't give enough time for the ending to develop OR it kinda just ends and it's surprising and out of nowhere and it just kinda happens and that’s it, there is not more... all done no movie or second season to explain it all cause the show didn't do well enough in it's run...
for anime this is really unacceptable because they have HOURS to get their point across... but it still happens... and it will always be annoying.

8. Bad pacing
Yeah i think this is a universal thing, even people who aren’t high critical of things tend to be annoyed when it feels like something is dragging or it feels like it’s all going by too fast. It’s the main thing that makes me give up on shows.... if you can’t make me care after wasting an hour of my time then i’m not going to waste anymore of it on you.

7. Fixing a problem immediately after introducing it.
Maybe i’m just sensitive to this right now cause i’m reading a book that is quite literally “heres the big problem, well here’s a small problem, oh look we fixed it.... remember that big problem? Cool.... it’s still there.... but now this little problem... oh wait we fixed that too.... OH YEAH... the big problem.... oh wait.... little problem... and fixed it..... hey remember the--”
yeah..... yeah i get it... i got it like... 5 pages in..... no need to remind me about it every damn twist and turn.... and don’t introduce it then use it right away.... let it simmer in the background... let me almost forget about it then BAM.... remember the thing? THERE YOU GO! isn’t that satisfying....
so yeah.... annoying...

6. Talking down to your audience 
i’ve mentioned this a few times but i’m a big believer in kids are only as stupid as we think they are BECAUSE we think they are stupid... so we give them terrible books or horrible movies but we justify it as “well it’s a kids book” or “it’s a film for kids so it’s okay that it’s stupid”
just.... just no.
Because that attitude then gets placed on preteens.... and we get crap like... well you know... i don’t even have to mention it...
and now that terribly written crap is permeating adult literature and causing some authors to go “well... you may not get this cause i studied a lot and you haven’t you uncultured swine but i’ll try to dumb it down for you”
do not assume your audience is a bunch of morons who barely know how to read and comprehend things simply because society has this feeling that things should be dummed down to the lowest common denominator. Assume that people are reading your book or watching your show because something about it caught there attention... so do not talk down to them.. it’s just gunna piss them off and they wont read/watch anything you ever do again and they will feel like their time was wasted even though your book was offered to them for free.....
and yes i’m still harping on ‘that one’ book.... it was just so bad.

5. Breaking rules you establish
Speaking of i wont shut up about that make me mad. In the one of my reviews where apparently you can see my decent into madness I mention a few things. A character who can use his magic perfectly without a mentor character, problems that are solved right away, improper use of the words “end of book 1” where had it actually been it’s own contains book i would have thrown it across the room in disgust.
But worse then all of that was the fact that there was a ring that could deflect all magic
all of it
good bad.... didn’t matter... the ring negated it.
So main character gives the ring to girl and it saves her life
then she falls off her horse... still wearing said ring
D : oh noes! She’s gunna get hurt cause it’s not like he can save her with magic.... she is wearing the magic negating ring--- wait.... he’s levitating her.... BUT.... BUT.... the ring.... the ring that negates ALL MAGIC is suddenly not negative a levitation spell? WHAT? But this was a clearly established rule.... that you just broke.
In the end that wasn’t what got me to stop reading that book (nope it was when the mentor started talking about the digestive system SOLELY so the author could say (and this is a direct quote)
"Digestion is what happens to the food you eat as it passes through your body and crap it out. Okay?"
just imagine me reading this line.... then throwing my kindle across my room onto my bed in disgust.
And before i descend even further into madness and hatred lets move on to the next thing.

4. Fanservice
i don’t mind a little bit of fanservice in a show to add comedic affect.... what i’m talking about here are the shows that the only purpose is fanservice... there is not a good plot or character to keep you watching... only breasts and panties.
Maybe i just hate this cause i’m a girl and i really rather not be staring at some girls ass for 24 minutes... but yeah fanservice shows have always bugged me and i don’t know why they keep making them cause in the end they never do as well as shows with good story and plot and characters and all that good stuff...

3. Moe
Now Moe is one of those odd things that seems to have many definitions.
There are two that i hear the most.
  1. a character trait/feature/mannerism that tends to turn on another character. Example: Ponytails,certain articles of clothing.
  2. Characteristics of a person that make them endearing to others. Example: Being clumsy, being a little naive or innocent.
Now i can deal with either definitions in anime in small doses.
I specifically used ponytails as an example to illustrate this. Kyon has a thing for ponytails in the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, he tells Haruhi this in a dream/alternate world that either happens in episode 6 or 13 depending on which order you watch the series in. This becomes a running theme through the show. In the baseball episode Haruhi is doing Mikuru’s hair and about to put it in a ponytail when she sees Kyon is looking.... instead she drops it down because she subconsciously or consciously doesn’t want him looking at Mikuru who is pretty, petite and busty.
Later on they have a fight and while she thinks she’s alone she pulls her hair into a ponytail and then she gets caught and drops her hair.
Hell in the alternate reality where she has long hair he asks her to put her hair into a ponytail without explaining why. 
This is a really good use of a subtle theme that runs through all versions of the show. it’s noticeable enough where you understand why they used it there but not so much that your constantly thinking “oh and now some character is going to have a ponytail”

UNLIKE SOME SHOWS where the character is just pure Moe... there is no depth or growth they are just this adorable blob that does cute things and makes you go AWWWW... and they all have this really loose animation style that is unappealing and highlights things like tiny hands.... freakishly tiny hands.
it’s funny that i reference haurhi so much in this one point because most people site that show as the reason we saw such a moe surge around 2009... they may have a point but i felt Moe really became a thing when a certain show was made because it changed pretty much how every show after it from that company was animated because that moe style of animation sold really well. That show?

2. K-on!
There are very few titles i hate, titles that make me angry just by the fact that they exist... this one has the bonus feature of having been insanely popular when it first came out.
I had been told it was good and it was Kyo Ani who do amazing animation i mean... they did Haruhi which is gorgeous to look at....
and then i saw the most vapid pointless piece of crap i have ever seen (well.... next to number one on this list but best not get ahead of myself) maybe had there been a point to it i wouldn’t be so offended? But no... this girl gets a guitar for next to nothing and is amazing at it and they play in front of their school and the one girl trips and shows her panties.........
oh and at the end instead of slipping down the stairs she doesn’t fall... showing some kind of growth or something.
And i should care because?

Now it’s obvious that i only saw season 1.... cause i didn’t want to give it any more of my time.
“but Rai! it’s just a slice of life show”
yeah, your right but it still needs to have a point... it still needs to have some kind of growth not just “here are the characters.... here they are a few months later”
and why are there hands so small? After looking at some of the manga art they are normal sized in the comic.... SO WHY ARE THEY SMALL HERE? Is it cause it’s cute and.... MOE.... well not that i think about it everything about this show is so adorably sweet and worst of all it’s pointless....
there is no point to the show, nothing happens, no real conflict and even worse then all of that it ruined how anime in the future was done. Hands became smaller all around, eyes rounder and more bubbly and that style is just now, three whole years later, starting to die down and once again highlight individual artist style. Also other then the ending song the music wasn’t any good.... but that's personal opinion....
and if you like K-on! That’s fine... i will be the first to admit that this show was just the straw that broke the camels back for me when it comes to ‘when moe ruined everything’ so yeah this show gets a lot of unnecessary hate from me but i honestly felt like my time was wasted by watching it.... so that is why i get so mad...
but.... not as much as i do with the next title.

1. School Days
Once upon a time my friend would recommend shows for me to watch all the time.
He knew my taste and almost always found shows that i would enjoy...
Until one day he said “you should watch school days”
I have never trusted his opinion since, i am extremely sceptical about anything he recommends all because of this show.

For those lucky to have not seen this show it’s about a boy who likes a girl, he is set up with the girl by his best friend who happens to be a girl and to like him as well....
ok... same old innocent “i’ll set you up with another girl even though i actually like you” scenario.
Well it’s innocent until the friend suggests that the boy should practise oh her... since they are friends and it wont mean anything.
Then the boy decided he will practise with EVERYONE except his girlfriend....
the girlfriend doesn’t like this cause she’s shy and demure and wants to wait for the perfect moment...
oh and she’s crazy..... did i mention she’s crazy? The more the boy sleeps around the crazier she gets. Hell when the best friend tells the girlfriend that she’s pregnant with the boys child the girlfriend cuts her open and says “see, there’s no baby in there.... i knew you were lying”
and that is not even the worst part.... a little before the stomach cutting scene the best friend girl who is ‘pregnant’ kills the boy because he doesn’t want to accept his responsibility.
Somewhere in the mix Crazy girlfriend gets his head and cradles it on a boat.... end of show.

Remember where i said i felt like my time had been wasted with K-on and that was more of the reason why i was so mad? Yeah this show pretty much defined that. I feel a little bad for the friend who recommended it to me.... cause i shouted at him.... i was so mad that i don’t think i could ever accurately describe it in text.

Apparently the game was known for this horrible ending... and many claimed it was the best ending and the one the main guy deserved the most.... but no... it just made me so angry... it was a show that didn’t need to exist and it’s a show that no one should watch.

SO... those are the top ten things that tend to make me just a little tiny bit angry...
i got a little rage filled at the end there... sorry... but hey.... now you know a little bit more about me.... yay?
um... yeah
what are the things/shows that make you mad?

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