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For fun: Anime girls love that guys hate

there also a reversal and i plan to do both...
first.... i haven't look at the list... typong out my opinion is i'm seeing it.

second the two articles can be found here:
Anime Girls Love But Guys Hate
Anime Guys Love and Girls Hate

i just thought this would be fun seeing as i'm a girl

first Anime Girls Love But Guys Hate
1.  Uta no Prince sama
yeah i will admit... i enjoy this show... it's so incredibly stupid but at the same time it's really fun... but completely devoid of plot and full of pretty boys... so i can see why it wouldn't appeal to men... but i don't think it's really trying.
2. K
only seen art for this and it looked interesting but other then that i have no opinion.
3. Kuroko's Basketball
guys don't like this show? i mean... it's a shonen sports anime... yes it has an oddly high female fanbase but that shouldn't mean guys dislike it.
4. Prince of tennis
i know so many people who are obsessed with this show.... i can't stand it.
5. Black butler
i don't get the appeal... but i haven't watched the show so i can't really give more of an opinion... just doesn't look like it would appeal to me.
6. Hakuoki
it's based on a reverse harem game... not trying to win over then men... other then that the show was average... good music though.
7. hetalia axis power
too be honest i wont watch this show cause the fanbase kinda scares me... other then that i have no opinion.
8. Gintama
i made it 5 mins into the first ep.... just not for me
9. Starry sky
liek uta pri this show is so silly but kinda fun... still didn't watch it all
10. Sengoku Basara
never heard of it
11. Durarara! 
guys don't like this show? really? i kinda thought it was targeted at them... oh well i enjoyed it... great use of non-linear story telling
12. Miracle train.
no that show was terrible
like... tedious and boring and stupid and terrible
you would think you could personify anything as a hot bi-shonen.... but not trains.... it's litetrally an anime tellign you the rules of riding on the train
i wish i was kidding
13. Rebron!
another scary fanbase... another show i don't plan on watching.
14. daily lives of highschool boys.
looks kinda stupid... but i haven't seen it so i can't really comment.
15. Inozuma elevin
not into sports anime
16. Magi
this shwo was fun... probably wont continue on but i had a good time with what i saw.. .considering all the fanservice i'm surprised it doesn't have a larger male following.
17. Amnesia
no... i don't think anyone could actually like this tripe... one of the worst shows i have ever seen in my life.... my review of it made me miserable for days.... i was broken that this piece of crap was so popular and that being kidnapped and put in a cage was somehow romantic and not stolckholm syndromish at all. *pants*
18. Tiger and bunny
scary fandom yet again... nice animation though.
19. Blue exorcist
another shonen title that happens to have a large famle fanbase... but i didn't think that would make men dislike it... it's really well done.
20 Togainu no Chi
never heard of it.
21. Code Geass
yeah strangely large female fanbase... maybe cause clamp helped with designs? i dunno... kinda just a mediocre show in my opinion... better then deathnote though.
22. Saiyuki.
4 pretty boys travel to china.... why wouldn't men like this? again though it's just a mediocre show that takes too long to get to the point.
23. detective conan
never seen it but yeah i'm always surprised to hear how crazy the fans can get for it.
24. Karneval
another show i was curious about but never had the chance to watch.
25. Natsume yuujinchou.
okay... so far the only people i know who have watched it have been girls.
however.... i don't think it's a show guys would dislike.... i'll have to do some experiments *can't imagine anyone disliking this show*

Anime Guys Love and Girls Hate
1. magical girl lyrical nanoha
never seen it but it looked too fanservicy for me so i get why it's on the list.
2. the idol m@ster
i do have a friend who is obsessed with this and the games..... i don't get it personally
3. to love ru
more fanservice... no shit girls wouldn't like it...
4. Girls und panzer
5. Strike witches
Fanservice for both mech and animal ears.
6. oreimo
really creepy brother sister relationship and fanservice...
7. Photo kano
Really creepy photography club and fanservice.
8. Sword art online.
i actually loved the first half of this show... you know... until they turned asuna into a moe blob and disregarded kiritos character development and tried to rape asuna with tenticles many times.... so yeah... no shiut girls wont like this... not to mention creepy brother sister stuff... adopted or not creepy all the same.
9. Nyarko - san
i don't get it... not my cup of tea,
10. Hagenai
love the character design but fanservicy.
11. Puella magi Madoka magica
wait.... guys like this more then girls?
i've found it's just something everyone likes
except the people who got eaten down by all the hype and went in expecting too muhc.
12. Saki
ugh... so moe... i htink i'll be sick...
13. yuri yuri
so much damn moe
14 Oniai
oh... i've never heard of this... but that title... *checks it on My anime list* incestuous.... ew... it's; just so gross.
15 infinite stratos
more fanservice..
16. Love live
i had fun with this show... creepy 3d dancing aside.
17. vividred operation
loli fanservice....
18. Henneko
it's just too silly... i did watch an ep of it but it just wasn't very good...
19 A Certain Magical Index
i think it looks good... i haven't seen it though.
20 Minami-ke
what is wrong with that girls hair....  this show gives me a kind of k-on vibe... though i don't know... ahevn't watched it and don't plan to.
21. A Certain Scientific Railgun
again this looks good i just haven't seen it yet
22. The ambitions of Oda Nobunaga
ugh i hate oda nobunaga genderflips... just so stupid.
23. Oreshura
this show lost me once it started adding characters... and one of my guy friends hated it so.... i dunno doesn't seem to popular.
 24. Hidamari Sketch
not a fan of the art but looks harmless enough.
25. bakemonogatari
girls hate this show cause it's creepy....

so yeah guys don't like shows with girl fanbases and girls dislike fanservic.... insteresting....
too bad most of humanity already knew this. 

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