Friday, 3 May 2013

Little seafoam -from start to finish-

so i dunno if it's the weather changing or a cold but i've been in a bit of a slump.
i've done a few commissions which could also be a factor because it's a little tricky moving from the mindset of i have to do this cause i'm being paid even if its something i would normally never do to one of i need to do this cause if i don't i will explode..
either way i just haven't been terribly motivated and i've slid into a bit of a slump.
however i'm a firm believer in the is no excuse not to draw so do something... do anything... so i tend to do pages of one specific thing or studies.
this time i did another page of chibis
i specifically did them based on characters or outfits that had only ever been drawn once (cept estelle who is now part of a series which i will finish... eventually)
unlike the last page of chibis i did i'm not terribly thrileld with any of them but today when i was too busy coughing and sneezing to think of a new idea to draw i decided to use the mermaid Chibi (based on this) as an experiment.

now the original piece was actually an assignment for class.
we had to draw inspiration from one of our classmates pieces.
My friend had this piece and i wanted to emulate the way she produced her art which at the time was to do the line art and colour seperately and them mrge them together in photoshop.
she did it amazingly well, my attempt was not as good as any of her pieces but it was still a lot of fun to try.

the point was to do something new.

so when i did this chibi i knew i needed to again try something new with it.

so i did a one layer paintign with a huge fuzzy brush.

i should clarify that the lines are on another layer....
so... here are the lines
heres the colour
i need a way to define eyelashes in no lines liek this cause i actually love this piece aside from freaky eyes.

anyways finished piece.

so yeah this was a lot of fun, a great little experiment and hopefully you like it

and yes she is loosely based off the part of the little mermaid where the prince doesn't pick her and she starts turning into seafoam... i figured her heart would turn first since it was broken. i think my sick/slumpy mood made me wanna draw something cute but still a little sad.

in happier news wavy hair is pretty fun to do... i'm glad i changed my mind on her hairstyle from sketch to finish

anyways i really hope you like it as it was a lot of fun.... i think i need to go have some nyquil and ger some rest...

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