Monday, 20 May 2013

Scheherazade -From start to finish-

i was gunna call this something like princess tutu but you know what? thats a boring title....
also play this i should explain it be the end of this process work segment.

for those who haven't seen the anime.... and seriously if you haven't.... go watch it... yes it has the world record for dumbest title but it is one of the best anime out there in my opinion. yes... the first chunk is really silly but when it gets to the halfway point it changes and if you can make it there... the story only continues to get better.

anyways for those who haven't seen the anime the story is basically about a duck... who turns into a girl names duck.... who turns into princess tutu who must return the shards of the princes heart to him without confessing her love and vanishing into a speck of light.

wait! seriously.... i know it sounds really dumb.... but i rewatch this show every few months just cause every single time i see more of the symbolism and dmmit the show is amazing.

each episode has it's own score and fairytale/opera/ballet that it's based loosely on.
my favorite episode is Scheherazade.... it uses the piece above as the overarching theme and the tune eventually becomes the theme that plays when a certain character is on screen.

this is probably my all time favorite classical piece. i just love everything about it... so the fact that one of the most touching episodes revolves around it... but i'm getting off track...

So.... the more i like something the harder it is for me to do fan art of it....
still i tried.... i had been looking up ballet positions in hopes of getting inspiration for estelles next piece but instead i drew tutu....
i actually do this a lot.... mid pic i'll decide it's a different character and just go from there.

really rough but i knew i could flesh it out in photoshop cause i'm lazy like that so i inked and coloured and yeah.... tutu has a really simple design so it was pretty quick.. didn't even take process work shots... oops.

so yeah loosely based off the events of that episode.... that seriously even just thinking about it bring the biggest smile to my face....
in fact i'm gunna go rewatch the show now.... cause i can/want to.
maybe i'll draw duck soon.... thats the girl named duck... not the duck itself.
or fakir
or mythos...
dammit why do i enjoy this show so much?

anyways hope you like this... and the show... and the music i posted at the top.

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