Friday, 10 May 2013

FIgure Photoshoot: Pit & Dark Pit Figmas

i thin this may have the most pictures.
"But Kat!" i hear you cry out. "you hated the kid Icarus games!"

yes i did.... but i love the character design... the gameplay was just broken...

anyways when they first went for sale i was only going to get dark pit
but then i caved and got both cause i'm weak...

look at that goofy grin
i actually don't like htis face but every time i touch him his lower half seems to come off so scre it... he's stuck in his pose cause i'm lazy.
still i did change his pose a lot for he shots~

he's goign to remain in that bottom pose

some close ups middle one is probably my fav of that batch.

eh came with a little moster, the eye actually moved around which is pretty fun.

now to dark pit or Pitoo which is such a stupid name.
i love his facial expression, just not goofy which is great... i coudl also move him more without him falling apart at the waist so bonus points.

i do wish both had more articulation in the feet... oh well~
close up time!

Ah i love close up with shallow depth of field... had way too much fun with these.

now the two together!

the problem with taking a picture with a shallow depth of field with lots of levels is that there more chance for blurry... and i couldn't find my tripod so i just did my best~

more close ups~
and that final one from a slightly different angle to get more in focus.
alright that'll do it for this photoshoot... i hope to do more tomorrow... we'll see if i follow though... but i do have my setup all there so yeah... very high chance.

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