Saturday, 4 May 2013

Things i just dont understand

some of these are personal, some of these are specifically related to being an artist.... but these are just the things that baffle me.

1. Pet names:
I hate pet names like sweety or kiddo... i just find them condescending UNLESS they are from a family member or close friend...
but if you are just some random person online and you call me sweety... thats the fastest way to make me want to slap you across the face.
i don't know why it bugs me so much... mostly because it's coming from people who don't know me personally so should not be using such a personal greeting or maybe cause 95% of the time it comes from people a decade younger then me... yes i know i look young but that doesn't give you the right to call me some pet name.  nickneames are fine but even those i'd rather know you first.

2. Self advertising:
i've touched on this before but it just keeps happening... my most recent case is. "hello Kathleen, i saw you faved some of my art"
first let me clarify what i 'faved'
i'm holding a contest at the moment over on Deviantart... i'll be touching on it later so i'll just say for now that the thing i 'faved' was an entry to the contest so i could have all the pieces in an easy to acess manner so i can easily judge it.
Second she used my actual name not my user name.
this falls under the pet name thing... now i have my name on Deviantart page because as an artist i really do need to brand myself and not a user name. HOWEVER unless i know you i kinda expect to be called Rai cause using my real name is just a little personal for someone who is just using my page to advertise their stuff.... anyways the rest of the comment
If you have time to spare, drop by my gallery, that would be awesome to me : ) Have a nice day! : D.
look... i know i'm not the only person who feels like this but if you have to tell me to go to your gallery after i already faved something.... even if i may have done it of my own free will... you just guarenteed that i will not go look at your art now.
tell me to do something and now i wont do it.... i mean there are exceptions like work but in a setting like this... no you don't get to tell me what to do.
it just comes across as insincere and rude... i may be reading too much into it but seriously you are just using me as advertisment... and i don't appreciate it.

3. Not taking 5 minutes to read rules and guildlines.
we live in an age where we just accept things without really reading the fine print.
i understand... i do....
but i haven't used any fine print.
as i mentioned i'm holding a contest, an extremly open contest.
"design an outfit based on one of the 4 seasons"
easy right? self explanitory even... in a sane would i shouldn't have to say much more then that.
however i know people like knowing rules for contests... so i added.
it can be any style
again... i think pretty self explanitory.
any medium
self explanitory...
Any character, Oc or fanart, male or female, i don't care as long as it meets the challenge.
entries must be made between April 19th 2013 and May 19th 2013 - aka the duration of the contest giving everyone a level playing field.
so essentially draw whatever you want as long as it's new and fits the challenge.
1 entry per season, do not mix seasons
this was just there to give people lots of chances while not screwing up how i'm judging this cause i'm doing each season as a category.

i also added another rule later on but i'll touch on that in my next point.

anywasy the point i'm making is that i tried to make this as open to interpretation as possible.... yet i constantly get asked questions... okay maybe i missed some things... what am i being asked.

"can i do something not anime?"
"how many entries are we allowed?"
"can i have all 4 seasons in one piece?"
"can i submit traditional art or is it digital only?"
"can it be fanart?" 
i man yes they are all fair question but they are ALL answered in the rules which you obviously didn't read.
then i got...
"here's my entry!" so i checked and the submissions were over a year old.
"here's my entry" and i get a traced image of dango's from clannad.
"here's my entry" blatant art theft.
more on these last two in a bit.

but seriously.... i tried to make the instructions as clear as possible and if you can't take the two seconds to read it then why should i, the judge, the person holding the contest, even remotely care about your entry. i mean i'm going to keep my bias out of picking the finalist... i'm going solely on completion of the challenge and creativity... but it's still a good idea to read the rules before asking a question.

i also had some clubs advertise me, people seem to think they are holding the contest despite them saying they are just advertising it and not holding it. and me saying multiple times i'm not doing this as a club this is completely personal... but again... people can't take two seconds to read that.


4. Art theft.
why is this still a thing?
why do people think that taking someones art and pasting your name on it is okay?
why do people think that if you just redraw it and change one thing that it's suddenly your idea...
FUN FACT: if you can tineye the image and it comes up with the original... then it's too close.

now i want to be clear, there is a difference between Tracing, copying and referencing.
each arguably have their place.... kinda.

Tracing is the only thing i think isn't helpful at all... some people say they did it starting out and it helped them and thats fine but i find since you are just drawing over the lines you aren't really thinking about the placement of the line.... however as far as studies go i guess you can do it if you want... you just have to understand it isn't your art and you can't claim it as such.

Copying is better then tracing but still only good for studies, you can see how things are placed and learn how to draw things that otherwise may be too difficult to draw from life studies. still you are copying something with an IP attached (read as not free stock images/your own personal images) it's not really your art and you can't claim it as such.

Referencing is the best thing you can do as an artist, this is taking a picture, or multiple images and using them in order to build your original piece, but almost always just helps you figure out shapes and form and how things interact with each other. you can't just innately know how to draw something the first time... you have to either do studies or have a library of images to reference but it shouldn't be able to be connected to a single piece. anyone who says they will never use a reference cause it's cheating is full of shit and will not grow as much as someone who draws from life or looks at things to see how they act in real life.
this may mean having to go out with a camera and building your own personal photo library but honestly it's the best thing you can do.
well aside from travel and Studying... art needs a lot of work and there is never an easy fix.

theft is theft and the fact that people can't wrap their heads around it or do it and try to justify it... no... stealing is stealing... get over yourself.

and my final thing i just don't understand.
5. Dubstep.
seriously... it sounds cool at first and then it goes all wub wub and is just noise.
and then it repeats...
i just... i just
i don't get it
maybe i'm getting old.

alright thats enough complaining... i feel better now

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