Thursday, 2 May 2013

Dropped... kinda: This season of Dr. Who

me and Sci-fi don't get along...
however almost all of my friends really like sci-fi.
they ask my if i've watched shows like stargate or if i remember that time in firefly or who my favorite doctor is.
and no.... no i haven't seen stargate, i haven't seen firefly (though i've heard it's amazing) and i don't have a favorite doctor cause i don't watch the show.

HOWEVER, i know there is some sci-fi i do like...
I like Macross despite the space battles.
I like Aaron pogue's ghost targets series even though thats more big brother ish sci-fi then we all love going to space sci-fi.
i'm really enjoying Gargantia which granted was only in space for a bit but it had people being crushed by plant aliens and that didn't bug me.

so lately i've been getting a little braver with my sci-fi experiments.
I sat down with friends and watched a bit of stargate
I saw Gunbuster.... granted that didn't end well...
i watched an entire season of Dr who (pretty much any episode with Amy and Rory in it).
actually looking back on Ecklstin and Tennants seasons i've seen large chunks of those seasons with no issue.

still i've been trying really hard to enjoy some things that normally i would rather avoid.
but Dr who barely dealt with space... yeah it was there but it wasn't like "omg look we are in space and fighting black holes! weee wooo weeee"
it was more of a character study and i enjoyed that.
did i like it as much as my friends? no but it was still fun and i was able to join in the conversation and give my opinion instead of just listening.

Until i started watching this season.

Let me clarify.
I have nothing against Matt Smith, i kind of liek his scatter brained doctor who ends up being saved by those around him figuring things out instead of him.
I Have nothing against Jeena-Louise Coleman who is playing his companion Clara, i think she's a really interesting character with a lot of potential and she has an interesting dynamic with the Doctor...
i just can't stand this season.
i'll go as far as to say i hate it.
but why?

Whenever i talk about things i like i always mention music, character and plot.... even if i only have two of these things done well i tend to like things...
well the music is wonderful as ever.
I like the characters.
the plot is.... well okay i've only seen 3 of the 4 episodes so far (i skipped 2 cause i saw the preview and knew that wasn't going to be a fun time) but anyways the plot is pointless.
the first ep was fun, we get to meet Clara and see how quirky she can be and how interesting her character can become considering how many times she's died already (not that dying stopped anyone else from shwoing up multiple times *cough rory cough* )
again didn't see episode too but i assume stuff happened in space.
episode three shows the end of the world out of the blue which i didn't appreciate cause i can handle shit if i'm warned (read as i can leave the room before things happen if there is warning) and other then showing the doctor is a little heartless cause of the wibbly wobbly timey whimey crap it served no prupose other then "look we got some money so our special effects are better"
Episode 4..... again was stupid and pointless and according to a friend i have who is a fan it kind of messed with some things established in previous seasons about the heart of the tardis and time paradoxes and whatnot and in the end it kind of ret conned itself so all of it was meaningless... it was again just another "look we have money... money money money~" and also the collapsing universe or black hole or whatever in the tardis... i actually yelled at the tv cause it was just out of nowhere and uncalled for. it served no purpose other then giving me a panic attack.

so yeah i'm done with Dr who... i was never a huge fan (although the Van gogh episode was probably one of my favorite episodes of a live action thing ever) but i just hate the fact that i feel like the show could make me feel so sick without any warning cause i have a really stupid fear... however i have asked friends that if there is a good episode with no space shit that scares me to let me know and i would happily watch

though the sense i've been getting from them is they aren't liking this season that much for the same reason i don't like it.
it's pointless and so far is wasting it's potential.
granted it's still got quite a few episodes left so that could change... i wont be the one to see that change happen.
all cause i'm a coward.. .at least when it comes to space...

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