Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ombre -from start to finish-

i have been trying to sketch more despite crazy hectic life and of of the things that are probably the quickest things i make are busts. so i actually made one i kinda liked.
and i thought it may make a good example of what you'll get for a bust commission cause currently waiting for work to come to town and i would like to have some money coming in while i wait.

but what colours to pick.... i've been doing a lot of blue and purple lately so.... lets avoid that.... just to push myself.... and i have a lot of blond and brunette characters.... and pink hair has al;so been common since i have done godoka, chibi chibi and tutu..... so all that remains is Green and Orange.
but....... i'm not a fan of either of those colours... still.... i have so few characters with even a hint of orange.... i guess i'll go with that.

so then i do the flat colour and thing.... the hair is kinda.... missing something.... yeah it's all swirly ut can't i do more?
so i decide that because of that trend right now were hair is fading to blond.... i'd do it.... but blond wouldn't be so fun.... so i try a few colours and pink was hte one i would have the most fun with.

also i took away the wings cause i didn't like how i had them going off the edge in the sketch
ah it's nice doing super colourful stuff.... limited pallets are great but this kind of thing is what makes me so happy.

As i mentioned before i did this to partially advertize that i will do commissions like this and you can find more info here.
but yeah this was simple quick and fun and i hope you like it.

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