Sunday, 19 May 2013

Completed: Star Trek: Into Darkness (spoiler free)

first just to get it out of the way, i hate sci-fi and the only reason i saw this film was because i wasn't paying.

That being said i enjoyed it.
no panic attacks
great music
fun characters with great personality.
decent pacing
lots of action but not so much that you tune it out.

yeah lots of good things to say.

not everything is perfect.
I can't say any of the plot and have it continue to be spoiler free.... so this review will be short.
the lens flare while not as prominent as the first one still overpower most of the scenes.
went a certain character is revealed you know EXACTLY whats coming up next..... even if you barely remember any star trek from your childhood (apparently i watched t as a kid... do not remember any of it)
in fact a lot of things are so blatantly set up that it was almost insulting to the audience... but overall not bad.

I saw it in 2d.... i suggest seeing it in 2d cause i can imagine those lens flares get more annoying in the third dimension.

but yeah.... this one gets to show of it's characters more then the first which is great....

again in the end i had a good time but i don't wanna say much more then that.

completely unrelated side not some of the sets on this must have been so much fun to make.

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