Friday, 10 May 2013

Figure photoshoot - Ultimate Madoka Nendriod

It's no secret that i like figures... the very instant you walk into my room you are greeted  by hundreds of plastic eyes...
still this month was the most figures i had bought at once....
thanks Ami ami... just take all my money.
today 4 figures arrived...
Godoka Nendo
Pit and Dark pit Figmas
and a scale Orihara Izaya.

so last time i got a package from ami ami (godoka figma and nendo Asuna) i didn't take any pictures cause i didn't have my normal place to set up... so this batch is kinda improvised and occasionally there is glare from one of the lights i'm using... sorry i really just wanted to have fun with this and wasn't really payign as much attention as i needed to..

ok so yeah... photoheavy journal.

dawwww innit she cute?
at first i couldn't find the spear base cover thingy... and it was between the backdrop that comes with the figure and the box it's in.... still lov being able to ocver up the plain base you get with nendos (the basses are fine i just think this is fun)

so here are some of the poses you can put her in, even though it's probably the planest i plan to keep it in the first one... just less things to mess with... as much as i love the wings wow they were a pain in the ass... they stick into her hair and a tricky to get to  angle and fall out if you look at them wrong... maybe i just didn't get it in properly but i worries that i was going to break them.

this is probably my favortie pose but since the wings come out of the hair it's a little awkward

my two fav shots of her are both super close ups. still i just think it's such a cute figure.

but to be completely honest.... i didn't get her because i enjoyed Puella Magi Madoka Magica...
no i got her to do this
and this
and this too
but Kat... why on earth did you want to put Kyons head of Godoka?
cause i like and have always liked the idea that Kyon is really god in haruhi suzumiya... not her... so.... here's godokyon... kyod... hm...
well anyways i just thught it would be worth a laugh... if only to me.

so yeah... i plan to do more nendo swapping tomorrow since pretty much all nendos can interchange with each other as shown above.

for now though i have two more of these to make... next will be the scale figure~

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