Saturday, 18 May 2013

completed: Honey and Clover (season 1)

So... first time i saw this was way before i went to Art college myself.
i didn't think about it much because other then the fact these people are all artists of varying skill the fact that they are students really affects nothing.

still... i really loved this show....

and to this day i can't pinpoint why.

This is the slice of life-iest  show i have.

but it still, kinda, has a plot.

bare bones of the plot is these people who are friends through school deal with love and dealing with school and finding who you are as a person and as an artist.

but on this watching i added a little twist.... cause i couldn't help it.
Yuta Takemoto is voice by Hiroshi kamiya
same guy who did Natsume voice.

So natsume, after dealing with learning how to ride a bike from his friends goes to tokyo art school and falls in love.
he can't see yokai anymore but he still loves cats.

okay i'll stop but it was seriosuly hard for me to rewatch this show without seeing natume in Yuta's place.

still i find this show deals with a lot of things really well, unrequited love, confused love... finding yourself... i just really like it.

but i can see that it's not for everyone cause in the end theres not much point for it... especially by the end of season 1 nothing much is accomplished.
season 2 changes that but i don't have it in my possession for now so.... yeah...

but yeah i love this show, the first ending song is one of my all time favs and theres just something about it that makes me smile.

not my normal type of review but oh well.

oh one this i will say, one of the prettiest shows in my collection... just... every frame is so lovely.

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