Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tiny Estelle -From start to finish-

i don't have many wip shots for this cause i forgot to snap them but still i'll talk a little about the process and specifically thing character.

First i did a batch of 9 chibis to kick a slump and it was based off characters i had only drawn once.
Esetelle.... doesn't techncially count cause she's actually getting her own series.... but hey... my batch o' chibis my rules.

out of the nine she was the first i drew...
and probably the one i was happiest with.
i sitll may do one or two more of these but i'll probably just move onto something else.

anyways Estelle is fun cause she came out of nowhere.
one day i wanted to draw a horizontal piece in my little sketchbook.
i Called it wishing star since in my mind thats what she is... a star that grants wishes hence the long tale/collar thing and the skirt which i tries to make have 5 points like your standard cartoon star.
at the time it was just a fun experiment but i thought nothing of it.
until recently when i decided well... let say the wish gets granted... what happens.
the mood is happy cause everyoen is happy when things work out...
but then i got to thinking... the wish can't last forever... either time will pass and the wish wil lhave been forgotten altogether or shit would hit the fan and the wish maker may curse the stars...
so... i may draw her again... infact i'd be surprised if i didn't

also random note she's actually become a character in one of my roleplays... which is always fun.

of course this chibi has nothing to do with that.... i just have nothing much to say other then originally the beads were yellow but it was too much so i changed them to blue and the staf she's holding is something i forgot and drew in at the last second... like after i had finished everything else and noticed how stupid i had been.

but yeah heres the final product... pretty different from the sketch but still i had a lot of fun.
even after i finish her series i probably will continue to draw her but for now... this is what i have, enjoy~

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