Sunday, 26 May 2013

Tutu Chibis -from start to finish-

i was gunan do a post for each one but considering i coloured them all together i may as well talk about them all together.

I adore princess tutu. Seriously one of my favorite shows.
however the more you love something the harder it is to be happy with fanart art of it (at least that's how it works for me.)

still i decided to challenge myself.

i drew a bunch of them in their school uniform.

oh and one badly done duck....
so what i did thats different from how i normally work is i did them all at the same time layer by layer.

because they all share some colours this cut down my time from approx 1-2 hours per chibi to about 3-4 hours for all 5.

so yeah i'll probably try something like that again if i get the chance.

i will probably do another batch soon but since i'll be queueing these to post over the next week on Deviant art i figure that gives me some time to do some painting.
they are also available as stickers over on Redbubble


and i didn't bother with the duck cause i figure i can draw a better one in the next batch.

seriously though go watch this show.

others i plan to do:
Princess tutu, Princess Kreahe, prince, heart shard, knight, drosslemyer, Adel, mr cat, pikie and lilie

will i get them all done? probably not but i'll still try. if there are any you want me to try just leave it in the comments!

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