Friday, 10 May 2013

Figure Photoshoot: Orihara Izaya

i was surprised with how much i liked Durarara!

it's a great show it's just the type of show i tend to get into.

but still when i saw this figure was on back order... i decided why not?

this was probably the most fun character in the series though i do wish we got a little more explanation for why i like making humans suffer so much... maybe i'll get it if i read the manga?

anyways scale figures are easier to take pics of then poseable ones (in my opinion) and he has two variations... Knife and Cellphone... i plan to keep him with Cellphone and he's kind of coming out from behind my Cintiq, makes me smile~

i just love the movement in his coat... but yeah he looks like he's gunan cut something open... oh no~
but yeah speakign of the coat.
but yeah i so like Cellphone version just a bit more.

other then that not much to say about the figure... i'm just happy to be able to add another male figure to my collection... and i got pit and dark pit so in one day... lots of male characters~

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