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Completed: The Curse of Credesar Pt 1 by Robert E. Keller (spoilers)

finally........ FINALLY

okay quick note, i only tend to find time to read when i'm on transit simply because i can't do much else other then sketch.
so this book, aside from other books bumping it out of reading position has been unfinished on my kindle for a long time.
well why not just sit down and read it like i did Aaron pogues novel?
cause... it was painful to read this book.
now i read knights eye of divinity before i read this.... the two are separate series that take place in the same world just different times.

now Eye of Divinity had some problems... major problems... there was a lot of instant gratification for plot lines and some choices were doubled back on so fast that i felt like i was getting a case of whiplash.
but the decent plot held it together for me ...
or so i thought.
see... before i read this book i had a string of mediocre to absolutely rage inducingly bad anime and novels... this was a breath of fresh air and i was forgiving it a lot since it put me in a good mood despite the poor writing... the plot was interesting. sometimes i can get past weak writing if he characters are interesting enough.

this book made me wonder if they was the first time he ever tried to pen a novel. according to amazon this book was released a month later.... that doesn't mean it was written later though so... who knows...

What is the book about?

I want to say the book is about human nature.
I want to say it's a commentary on what makes a monster, the outside or the inside.
I want to say it's an interesting take on post apocalyptic fantasy where people were wiped out by their own technology and now somehow magic is the most common weapon.

but i can't say any of that
cause it would be a lie.

this book TRIES really hard to be about something interesting.
the entire time i was just thinking "no this will get better soon... it has to.... it can't be this for the entire book."
but then it was..... i realized i need to stop expecting things from people cause they will always let me down.

The main character Kelden is set infront of a trail, he was apparently born with the Demon Credesar dormant inside him. They claim he is a monster and kick him out until the beast can be removed and killed. if he successfuly gets rid of credesar then he can return to his magic studies.  if not he'll probably die.
Tha...tho.... hold on
Thayan is also on trial, he is goign to be monster food cause he tried to talk to the soul of his dead sister using forbidden magic
the dark god Jarvin, who is the reason credesar is feared, seems to be causing a stir and is trying to enslave the world.

Kelden meets Thayan; Dameon, an ex magician; Ellstar, a Seer; and Renstad, a guy who was introduced way too far past the poitn of me even remotely caring.

now Kelden must choose one of two paths.
Go to this place that can remove and kill Credesar and have him return to his studies even though i may be an obvious trap.
Go to Jarvin and kill him since he's the reason credesar is feared but that may also be a trap... actually more accurately that will probably get them killed.

so this doesn't sound too bad right?

well the next half the damn book is as follows.

Where should i go? > i'll go get credesar removed! > may be a trap... hm > I'll go fight jarvin! > but i may die : (  ... > where should i go? > i'll get credesar removed! >oh comapnion is sayign it's definately a trap.... damn....> guess i better go fight jarvin > but i'll die > where should i go?

oh... but it changes a little.
about halfway thrugh the book a characetr gets physically turned into a monster and another reason to head to Jarvin is added.

Where should i go? > wow that guy is more of a monster then me cause of his looks > no i guess i house two monsters... therefor i am more of the monster. > where should i go? > if i get the monsters removed then i wont be a monster!> but does thinking that make me more of a monster? > at least i'm not as much of a monster as him > oh shit i'm so much more a monster then him > where should i go?

this is the point where i start bashing my head against shit.


Italics are me being snarky through kindle notes cause at this point i was upset.

Where should i go> i'll just abandon my friends that can't end badly > oh shit it ended badly > now where do i go?> if i get the monster reoved i can ask for help from the people who banished me! > oh but it may be a trap > if i go to jarvin to save them i will get killed : ( >oh hey someone i knew found me and i attacked him cause there have been attempts on my life> now he hates me and wants me to go somewhere else> now he's willing to sacrifice me to the demon inside and go to jarvin WHY ARE YOU TRAVELING WITH HIM?> now i regained control but there is still one big question where should i go?
Where should i go> you have got to be kidding...> i have all this evil power i better not give into it so i can remain human> i must be more human then the main characterdespite my looks> oh shit i have to give into that evil power i said i would never touch! you said you would never use it all of two pages ago...> now i hate humanity an all humans should suffer cause one pissed me off yes cause we all know the actions of a few should determine the fate of all...> oh no i almost lost myself! i better not use that much power> Oh nnow i have to use the power to win, gotta do what i gotta do> oh no i almost lost myself for realsies that time... really i can't use that power casue it would bad bad despite the fact that you have used it three times so far with no consiquence
oh the companions are figting for freedom.... hoenstly i don't care.... i mean they aren't even worried about where they are going...

then at the end shit goes down and a character coudl easily be killed:
"oh no this law that we just made up sais we can't kill him,  only the other him... which will kill him in the process"
just picture someone screaming and ripping their hair out at this point.

there theres a fight
a really anticlimactic fight
again with some new characters i fail to care about
you can figure out what go on.
then we end up right back at the start cause in the end... Kelden still houses credesar, a really strong demon... and they still want him dead.... so we are left with a final question
oh... oh he actually picks a destination.... cause he's tired of his life being control by seers...
well that was an awfully quick revelation.

now i did spoil most of it but honestly a lot of stuff happened that i left out and as always you should try the book yourself and make you own opinion
but be warned, the book repeats itself every few paragraphes... and it's annoying....

link to his blog

i will probably review the hand of thanin simply cause i bought it a while ago since i enjoyed the first one.... but yeah... need a break so i can try and look at it with fresh/not rage filled eyes 

will i read any of his other stories? maybe... but i need a break... when does Oberon's Dream release? May 7th? i can wait that long.

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