Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Photoshoot - Wasabi 3DS cover

so... a few days ago (4 to be exact) i saw a post talkign about these really pretty clear casses from wasabi for 3ds
out of curiosity i check out the site to see if they ship to North America at all.
first i had the joy of finding out how to switch to english (really easy theres a bar at the top i just wasn't really looking.) and i find out they ship worldwide and have many different cases for many different devices from 3ds to ps vita to iphones to ps3 to whatever... lots of choice.

here's the website: 

so i look around and i fall in one design that looks like blossoms (i thought they were carry but the theme says Ume which is plum so i'm gunna go with plum blososms) covering half the 3ds.
so i click on it and realize there is also a white cat on the other side.

next thing i knew i had added it to my cart.
but i figured since i'm there.... i look at the Ps vita skins.
now.... i don't own a vita.... but i'll be getting one in the fall (i keep hearing sep 25 but i don't think it's 100% official) when Ys 4 Memories in celceta releases.
yes... an Ys game is a system seller for me.... i need help.
anyways i looked and found a skin that had a red bg (you'll see in a second how if i can manage it it'll end up being red) called Ryusuinisakura and it was really pretty and again... more pretty flowers... so i got it and it'll handy for when i eventually get the psvita.


thats right... after only 4 days it arrived... and shipping was 10 bucks... i'm worry that i'll get a call saying the handling charges are insane! (dhl did that to me once with a think geek order... i was pissed cause handling was 5 bucks more then the ship[ping had been...) but i doubt it cause it just came in regular mail.

so these are the two i got, the one is a clear plastic that clips on and the other is just a simple skin.

close ups of them in the packaging
a quick shot before i made sure both were clean and ready to put on.
it was really easy to clip on which was nice.

and here it is on my 3ds... i love it i think it just looks so pretty and the only downfall i can see is that it no longer fits in the cradle so if i wanna charge it i have to plug it in..
yeah i think i can manage that.

so yeah... i'll probably do another of these in the fall when i get my vita.

for now i have to go play some virtues last reward on my adorable 3ds~

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