Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dropped: Usagi Drop (manga)

So.... when they anime came out i reviewed it

yeah.... now i get the pleasure of taking everything that made the series good and throwing it out the window.

I have to spoil the ending to explain why i can't keep reading so if you still want to give the manga a chance turn around now... though i would suggest that you stop reading once Rin gets into highschool.

also there may be some rage in this post... but keep in mind i'm more upset that it took such a sweet and sincere show and pretty much spit on everything it stood for. i have to take back EVERY nice thing i ever said about it... i'm not happy about that.

But first Story time and from here on out.... SPOILERS

I watch a lot of That guy with the Glasses contributors. they are great for background noise when i'm working on things like art. However there is one i don't tend to watch.
Weekly Manga recap.
and saying that i don't watch/listen to it isn't completely correct...  i listen to the first half but once they start talking about the weekly shonen jump titles that just doesn't pertain to my interests so i tend to close the video... unless one of the pod-casters starts out with "this is how bleach got worse" cause it's a little funny to hear him rage. it's horrible to say but oh well...
anyways for this past episode the flavor text to make you want to watch the video was "see how Usagi drop has become Nic's most hater manga" or something along those lines.

now if i haven't been clear i liked the show... and i had been loving the manga since it was going into stuff about Rin being a teenager... some things worried me... her attachment to a certain character but i figured the author wouldn't be stupid enough to go that route. (i should have learned by now)
but my curiosity got the better of me... how could such a sweet and sincere show be someones most hated? like i get that they don't like shojo or josei since it's not really made for them... but to be most hated it has to do something to offend the reader.... what the hell happened?
so i loaded up the video and listened.
at first they were positive so that made me even more curious as to how could they go from mild enjoyment to pure hatred so quick.

then he starts talking about how if you want to like the show stop when rin goes to high school... because thats all leading to Rin trying to go out with her adoptive father.

I.... i didn't believe what i had just heard... i mean... it had been hinted to in what i had read so far but.... no... she's his aunt/adoptive daughter.... NO....
so.... i clicked it so i could hear him say it again.
no no no no no maybe he was wrong.... i started reading a bit of volume 8.... and i knew it was right cause they overtly say that Rin doesn't see Daikichi as her father and infact wants to have his babies.

my heart broke.
I had suggested people go watch the show... and to be fair the portion the anime covers is adorable and fine but... the second half makes all that stuff.... kinda gross. Like i really hate that kind of plotline in any medium....  and the fact that it was happening in something i had enjoyed so much...
i tried to finish it... but know where it's going.... i can't.... i have better stuff to waste my time on.

all i have to say is thank you so much WMR because had i not know i would have bought the remaining volumes that i don't own and then i would have been upset. cause i would have wasted more money then i already have on this series.

but yeah i did try to make my own opinion... but it's just too gross for me to continue... i can't.... i just can't.

however rin as a kid is well done... why did the author have to screw it up so badly.

but in the end... it's their story... they can do whatever they want with the characters.... just as i can refuse to read anymore of their titles.

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