Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dropped: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked.

normally when i do dropped things it's because they are bad
not this case with this game.
this game is really really good.
I'm just an idiot.

See i have played a few SMT games.
I've played all of P3, i still have to beat the answer chapter but i have beaten all of 'the journey'
i have play most of P4, i'm right at the end but i do this terrible thing of getting to the end of games then abandonment them for new releases and eventually going back so as long as my ps2 still works/it hasn't eaten my save i will finish it.
I have P1 and P2 but I'm at the start of both.
and when i get my 3ds i figured it was time to branch away from Persona and move into the other games in the SMT series. in this case Devil survivor.
so what did i do that was so foolish?
I played on normal mode.

see... i played other games on normal... cause even though I'm terrible at games i still want to try and challenge myself.
and now i don't think i can win.

this game is punishing with how difficult it is.
it's a fun challenge, but every few months for over a year now i pop it in... grind a few levels and get my ass handed to me every single time.
and i hate grinding.
i REALLY hate grinding. I feel, and this isn't a fact or anything just my personal opinion, I feel that if I play all the normal fights in the game that should give me at least a fighting chances against the final boss. by no means should it be simple but i should be able to win.
and i just can't
and I've now gained at least 10 levels
 so whats the issue.
I'm stuck on a boss who's name i can't really say cause it's a bit of a spoiler but I'll just say there is a computer security system that needs to be hacked.
you have four party members you can dispatch.... unless I've really screwed up the game and i can actually have more... doubt it.

in this mission there is a character you have to deploy, no probably he's one of my stronger ones.
the other three are the main character and whoever else you want.

now you have to protect an NPC, so one character down, use the other character to hack the spots you told, 2 down... potentially you may have to guard him as well if he's getting attacked from every angle but i just equip him with the ability to heal himself and hope he lasts. still potentially 3 down.
and then you have to fight this giant security system that can attack from a distance with you 1-2 remaining characters.
OH WAIT that is not quite challenging enough.
almost every turn 1-3 monsters spawn and these monsters have lovely traits like... Nul Strike damage, which means you have to use mp, some abilities let you regain mp but other don't and if you run out then you can't heal yourself... and if you can't heal you're probably going to get murdered.
one of these monsters that looks like... well... SMT is kinda infamous for what they base their monster drawings on... anyways lets just say it's a little vulgar. but hey they do it to both genders so i guess i can't complain.
anyways these monsters also have the ability to attack from a range, and if you can't you kind just get beat up and it's just.... too many things with too few characters.
it doesn't help that the super computer is lv 70 and I'm only lv 63... and i don't wanna grind anymore... cause grinding isn't fun.

i may try picking a different ending, essentially on the last in game day you get the joy of picking between whichever ending you managed to unlock based on your performance during the other days.

the major choices i got were simply.
become god and enslave humanity to save it and wipe out the demons.
Become king of the world and fight against god and possibly kill all the humans so demons can roam.
there was something else but those are the two i remember... i didn't like either option.... i just wanted a nice middle ground where neither side one and i think that is an option but i didn't meet the requirements. 

so yeah maybe if i pick a different route i wont need to fight that boss.... but i probably will so yeah just rather not.

maybe one day i'll grind another 15 levels and beat the game finally... but right now i just suck too much.

still great game, great story.... play on easy mode.

And a quick edit now that it's morning and i can think and type a little better.
I noticed that their are 'titles' in the game, none of which i ended up unlocking.
and i don't think i ever could *clears throat*
most are preventing certain peoples death... i thought i had everyone survive but clearly no.
register all demons except those that are special... that would take so much time...
100% complete compendium... wow
learn all cracked skills, i liked cracked skills so i may have ended up getting this... but doubtful
finish the game in a certain way..... what... what does that even mean? oh it's just different endings...
finish with no free battles.
is that even possible?
as i mentioned before i've had to grind this entire time by doing free battles just to be strong enough not to die...
finish game with no deaths, seems possibly but tricky... unless they mean no characters or summons dying in battle cause no... that is impossible.
then the last four seem to be defeat special bosses.

Again most of the time when i drop games it's cause i don't like the story.... not the case, i really really like this game... just where i am now i doubt i will ever beat it UNLESS i start over on easy...
and even then i doubt i could win
i need a very easy mode...
oh a quick thing to note, SMT games and Persona games play different, so do not go into SMT expecting it to play like persona, it's turn based and grid based with static art, and it's really really fun.

hm what should i play next, probably dragon quest 5 since my friend my kill me if i have his copy any longer. but i also kinda way play pokemon white 2... even though it's just... missing something..

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