Monday, 22 April 2013

Ultimate Maodka -From start to finish-

it's been a while since i've done non-chibi fan art.
why is that?
probably becasue it's easier for me to do fan art in my style when it's chibi....

still i Got my Godoka (yes i know it's 'ultimate madoka', Godoka is more fun to say) Figma and i put it in a pose and figured.
"hey, why not draw that."
especially since i can't take any pics of her or asune cause i just don't have anywhere to take them for the moment.

so yeah i draw it and realized one thing really fast.
The anatomy used in PMMM works really well........... but it is so incredibly wrong.
their shoulders.... why are they so small?
why are the cheek bones so low?
why is a dress that is so skin tight you can see the countour of her stomach go to something so flowy?

so after i fixed the smoke pouring out of my ears i did my best to draw her in my style.
this has always been hard for me and is the number 1 reason i don't do fanart much, how do you make a character still look like the character in question but have it be your style.
"well you could just emulate the actual style"
and i did try but... i draw the way i draw cause thats what makes me happy.

oh well so i posted the skecth on tumblr and i knew most of the problems had to do with the fact that i ran out space on the page.
it meant that the arrow was a bit short, the hand was a bit short and the wings didn't have quite enough space.

all things i easily fixed in photoshop.

with this piece i did the background first since i had an idea for that and it wanted her to compliment it. So i opened handy dandy illustrator to make a close (though really not that close) version of the magic circle that you see as the backdrop of her box.
then i brough it over to photoshop and tweaked it and i was actually really happy with how it looked, if nothing else i was please with the BG.

I wanted to finish this yesterday but my arm is still not 100% so i had to stop, so i guess  this is close to halfway done.
then today throughout the day i kept working on it bit by bit since taking breaks helps my arm not be in so much pain later. and now i have a finished godoka piece.
I am really happy with it, especially considering it just started as "i'm gunna draw my figure!"

though i am really sad that i had to put watermarks on it.
you have no idea how much watermarks make me cry, but i've just had too many people sharing my my art and removing the credit cause tumblr still doesn't have a system where the original post cannot be edited.
so yeah... ugly watermarks but i put them over to the side so hopefully it's not too obtrusive.

anyways i really hope you like it, Puella Magi Madoka Magica can be seen for free and legally on Crunchyroll so i suggest you go watch it since it was a nice breath of fresh air to the Magical Girl Genre 


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