Friday, 5 April 2013

Completed: Eden of the East (TV)

um... well first off when i first saw the art i commented on how it looks a lot like honey and clover.... cause it's the same creator.

and honestly these two shows couldn't be any more different.

so... eden of the east.. it's about... um
well i guess it's about a guy who loses his memory and finds himself naked in front of the white house and a few cops who are interrogating a girl for having thrown a quarter onto the whitehouse lawn.
This guy eventually finds out that he is a Selacao (i know i spelled it wrong... don't care) which apparently means he has a crazy phone that can do almost everythign he asks of it and a lot of money... like... 8 billion Yen.
still he doesn't know who he is, if he's good or bad, if he's guilty of the things he's being blamed for.
and then the show kinda ends.
i mean it has a clear cut ending it just doesn't tie up everything... i don't think you can finish a plot like this in 11 episodes.
Luckily at least one of the movies is on netflix so i'll make a more concrete opinion about the show after watching that.
all i can say right now is that i love the art and i love the ideas it's trying to put forward, i just need to see more before i can form a solid opinion.

so yeah i'll be editing this a little later

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