Friday, 12 April 2013

First Impression: Spring 2013

This season has a lot of mech and a lot of moe.... oh joy... 
Also these are just my personal opinion based on what i like and my personal biases.
i'm not saying shows are bad when i say i wont be continuing them... they just, for whatever reason, couldn't catch my interest.

First of all just a quick nod to the show i'm continuing from last season.

Chihayafuru 2: i love this series and i love where the plot is going... definitely one of my fav sports anime mostly cause she doesn't shout out some power attack when she reaches for the card.

Okay apparently that my only continuing show so lets just go down the list.

some shows i am not giving a shot either cause i didn't watch the first seasons or i just know it's not going to be something i like. but i'll mention them.

Oreimo 2: I gave up 5 minutes into the first episode cause it was too creepy... so yeah... no.

Sparrows hotel: judging on the art i'm not going to like this... and yes it's unfair to judge things by their cover but wow this has UGLY art. And after watching it i realize its only of those 3 min shows that i really wish would just go away...

Valverave the liberator: another mech show in space? well i'll try it...
so... after watching the first episode i have some things to say.
Love the art
love the music
love the plot we've gotten so far
HATE the setting.
this.... this doesn't need to take place where it does....
i really hope i'm okay when i watch the rest of the series cause yeah i really really liked it... stupid space... why are there so many space shows this season?!

Mushibyugo: wow this is possibly the most grating intro song i have heard in a while...  still i'm glad i stuck through it, the show has an interesting mix of cute and colourful along with really dark and gruesome imagery.... in the end this isn't the type of show i tend to watch/enjoy.... but i'll probably give it another episode or  two before deciding to stop or continue. i am worried that it'll be a little on the fanservicy side but honestly i don't think it'll be as prominent in later episodes when plot becomes more important.

AIURA: oh great ANOTHER show that looks EXACTLY like k-on.... wait... only 4 mins long? yeah screw that... i know it' not fair to not give something a chance cause it's short but i seriously dislike these 3 min shows... they just aren't funny/plot driven enough for me to care.

Majestic prince: i couldn't even finish the fist episode, the art is terrible... it's a comedy anime that isn't even chuckle worthy and it takes place in space... not to mention is has this faux gundam seed look to it that just makes the whole thing feel like a rip off. mayeb it gets better later one... i don't care enough to find out.

Uta no Prince-sama 2000%: if i get to finish season 1 i may watch this just for giggles... even though the first one was insanely stupid and silly... it was still a lot of fun.

Devil survivor 2: Yes... YES YES YES... this is so good, so pretty, hiroshi kamiya is the main guys voice, the design is lovely and it's shin megami tensei so the story is bound to be good.... which reminds me i need to beat the first devil survivor... even though i don't think i can.

Nyarko-san: another crawlign chaos: this series just never appealed to me so pass.

Hyate the combat butler 3: i just cant get through the first season of this show... it's not a bad show just not something i find fun.

Samurai bride: HA HA HA no.

Flowers of evil: first rotoscoped anime AND apparently really good but really messed up.... i will try but based on art alone i probably wont watch more.
so i've tried it, wow is this show ugly, the rotoscoping is interesting in concept but it's so jittery... if i wanted to watch a show where the people looked like people.... i'd watch a live action show... 
And in the end i only make it 5 minutes in, i'm sorry but it' just too ugly and i've already been informed that it's messed up and i will more then likely hate it.
and yeah the rotoscoped girls in bloomers at ass level doesn't help...

Muromi-san: um... aside from my dislike of the art style this show seems to be a lot of fun... however......... the intro has something, the moon and asteroid... i dunno... crashing into earth but the mermaids stop it then a button is hit and the world explodes..... and i think i'm just going to pass on this one.... to avoid any further chances for panic attacks cause my gut tells me that may be a running gag or something...

Zettai boei Laviatan: i was worried cause at first glace this show looks incredibly moe but after an episode it was surprisingly nice... still moe but i think i'll give it a few more episodes before i decide if i like it or not.

Gargantia: I was hesitant to watch this.... there's a lot of space this season and cause anime tends to go big or go home i try to avoid space anime... but my friend watched it first and just as i loaded it she said it seemed good... so i asked her, this is the friend that lend me gurren lagaan and gunbuster so she knows that anything like that would trigger panic in me, would i be freaked out and she replied with "well no black holes or supernoves or planets being turned into black holes so you should be fine" she conveniantly ignored the use of warp holes but as long as those aren't sucking planets in i'm okay with them....
yeah my space fear it oddly specific yet broader then i can imagine sometimes...
anyways i loved it.... i really hope it doesn't use any of those things that freak me out.... but if it does i'll just ask her what happened and watch what i can.

Arata: The Legend: when i took a look at the list of shows coming out in spring 2013 i honestly don't remember seeing this one... and i think it may end up being on of my favs of the season, pretty art pretty music pretty character design and an interesting plot... i hope it continues to be this good.

Yuyushiki: cause... chins are overrated... seriously i hate shows where facial features are just... wrong... to be fair to the show it doesn't seem terrible... in fact in some parts the animation is really nice (stupid placement of facial features not withstanding) however is seems to be a slice of life show in the same way Azumanga Daioh, Lucky start or K-on are slice of life....
meaning i don't think this show is going to have much in the way of season long plot... it looks like it's just going to be these girls being friends.... and that is fine it's just not a show i tend to get into... so yeah not bad just not my thing.... i like my slice of life to have plot and or supernatural elements.... otherwise it's boring... i have my own life to life thanks...

Photo Kano: looks a bit like a Harem anime but i wil lgive it a fair shot since the art, at first glance, is nice.
after watching the first episode.... i think i'll pass.
1. one of the characters is well endowed yet they look all round and lumpy... fun fact breasts don't look like that... japan please stop drawing breasts like they are balloons attached to our chest...
2. yes camera's distort things based on focal length but not the the extremes your showing... also good luck getting fully in focus well lit high speed photography like that without kranking up the iso to max and making the pictures grainy as hell.
3. no girl in their right mind would ever wear anything that gives them underboob, it's not sexy and gives more potential for wardrobe malfunctions then any other outfit choice... please stop makign characters wear things that does this to them.
4. while i was never in the photography club i know for a fact not every male photographer is a skeevy pervert who only wants to take pictures of girls at unflattering angles.... not even the ones still in high school. maybe cause i went to art school where the class was split pretty evenly down the middle gender wise (though by the end my classes tend to have more girls) but i just find it irritating that theres this mind set of well they are men and therefor have to be perverts.
5. no sisters should be that friendly with their brothers.... it's creepy.
6. i felt like two things, on at about midpoint and another in the credits were Channeling the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya... mayeb it's just me... but i wont get to find out since i think i've made it clear i have a few issues with this show.
it doesn't seem bad i just know it's not going to be my cup of tea.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU: ugh... the title makes me want to stay far far away from this one.
however silly title aside i really liked this show.
like... it may be one of the better ones this season... i hope it doesn't lose this great character dynamic like oreshura did... it seems really sweet and yeah i look forward to next week.

and unless Crunchy announces more titles i think thats it...
i did wanna try Karneval and some of the other titles funimation got but no hulu in canada and anime network on demand hates my conenction... so we'll see.

so lets look at the results.
1 continuing series.  (chihaya furu 2)
5 shows that i really enjoyed and will most likely continue (Valverave, Devil Survivor 2, Gargantia, Arata, SNAFU)
2 shows i'm unsure if i like but will give another few epsidoes (Liviatan, Mushibyogo)

and otherwise the rest just didn't appeal to me or i dropped out in the first episode or didn't even both clicking cause i knew i would hate it,
oh and one show that gave me a panic attack even though it WASN'T one of the mech anime... who'd have figured.

what is everyone else planning to watch this season? anyways start watching a show they were unsure of only to fall in love? or perhaps a show you were really excited for turned out to be sub-par?

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