Monday, 15 April 2013

Completed: Macross Plus

So many stories... first i guess i'll enxplain a few things.

I try to watch an episode of something before i sleep, i don't always but it gives me a chance to enjoy the stuff in my collect without having to sit down and watch a volume at a time.
when i write these on series i finished more likely then not i finished them the night before and decided to do that sleeping thing thats all the rage before i write them.
partly cause my spelling is bad enough as is and i don't need being half asleep effecting it.
partly cause most of what i have to say on this little blog doesn't need to be said right away.

I knew the instant i finished macross plus i just couldn't wait till morning... that if i did i'd just be up all night thinking about what i wanted to write... so screw it i don't care that i have to get up early and that it's nearly midnight... don't care... it's not like i'd be sleeping now anyways.

SO.... i have one hell of a story.

first i need to say that I have never before seen Macross plus, it's not even technically part of my collection... it's part of my fathers.... i just keep all the anime cause with movies and tv series we have too many dvds as is so my brother gets kids films and i get the anime.
because it's not part of my collection and i hadn't seen macross till about 5 years ago i had no interest in watching it cause it's a mech show and i have never enjoyed those.

one day however i turned on the tv and there was nothing on, this would have been 4 or 3 years ago... i saw space (or some scifi based channel) was playing a marathon of Macross plus, now i knew my father loved this... hell i knew he made my mom watch it and she liked it to (she hates most animation... she'll tolerate it once but no more) so i figured... well it's something to have as background noise. so i turned it to the channel and walked away to go clean something in a nearby room.

a quick aside, my memories of my childhood are pretty much non-existant, i remember falling on a bee that got lodged in my palm when i was 4 and i remember breaking my arm when i was 6 (the day before my birthday no less) and that is it. However i was the type of child that hummed all the time.
there was one song i was particularly fond of but i had no idea where it came from... i knew i didn't make it up cause i wasn't that good at music... i could play anything i heard by ear but i couldn't create something myself.
but still for years this one song i had no idea about stuck with me.

anyways i think at this point i was putting some dishes away and from the other room i hear it... i hear this song that has eluded me my entire life, i nearly drop what i was doing and run into the other room.
The song has been from Macross plus this entire time.... i had had the dvd in my possession (even though it wasn't mine) for years.... and i never thought to pop it in.

however with the mystery of where the song came form being solved i quickly forgot to watch it...

Fast forward to a week or so ago when a content creator named Sage did a review of it on his show anime abandon. again the song played and i though "maybe knowing where the song is from isn't enough... i should watch it... yes it takes place in space but i handled the series just fine...." so  figured... why the hell not.
i pop it in.
i'm so glad i did.

Another thing of note, the song i knew was Voices... obviously... the other songs would be a little tricky to hum... however  after watching the show i knew all the music... despite never having watched it myself.

so yesterday i ask my father "did you ever watch macross plus when i was around?"
he replied. "yeah... you would have been 3"
my mind was essentially blown... i remember so little but an entire soundtrack to an anime stuck with me like glue.
maybe music is a lot more important to me then i realized....

hm.... maybe i should talk about macross plus.

not that i could say much.

essentially really well done love triangle in the macross universe and first appearance of a vocaloid. 

i don't wanna say anything else cause spoilers.

i will say that there was a part where i expected to cry... and i didn't... and a part that made me cry out of nowhere.... who would have thought such a simple quote could turn on the waterworks like that.... i was sure surprised by it.

the good:
everything, especially the music but honestly everything

the not so good:
art is a little dated but if you can get past it it is such a pretty series/ova/i don't know or care but it's good.
very little to do with macross... this could have easily been in it's thing HOWEVER i think it uses the macross license brilliantly so it's not a complaint just a observation.

the bad:
that i didn't watch it sooner.

Did it change me as a person? no... well... not now... i think it had a pretty huge impact on me when i was 3 though... so i guess in a round about way it changed me... for the better or worse? no idea but i like the person i am so i guess it all worked out.

anyways i just wanted to blab about this... and i couldn't wait till morning... not that i had anything important to say i just felt like saying it.... i guess thats why i write these right after i finish them... i'm too impatient to wait and think over what i'm going to say.

hm... what to watch next... another thing in my collect that i haven't finished? or honey and clover cause i'm in the mood thanks to eden of the east.... definitely honey and clover.

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