Friday, 26 April 2013

Completed: Terms and Conditions May Apply

I enjoy documentaries.
so when a friend of mine asked what documentary i wanted to see today i looked at the list and one really caught my attention.

I'm one of those people who reads the terms and conditions. everytime.
some of the stuff in them is kinda important as an artist because some sites will lay copyright claim to your work and potentially make money of it without your consent. as an artist i kinda need to hold onto my IP and Copyright for dear life cause... it's all i've got.

i was expecting one of two things.

1. i expected it to be a documentary exposing the amount of power the terms and conditions hold over you and how you should just delete all accounts and live in a  cave on mars.

2. just talking about how stupid the terms and conditions can be.

i got a bit of the first.... but overall it was a really quite.... moderate.

The film for the most part talks about how the fact that the data websites like google and facebook can and are held in a 'encrypted' database.... which can easily enough be decrypted and cross searched and linked to you.
pretty much everything you do online/on your phone/around a camera is recorded forever.
so maybe we shouldn't be as open as some people tend to be... talking about how much they hate their boss or how much sex they are having... honestly this isn't something the world needs to know.

it had some examples of how this technology that is used to prevent crime was really just being used to stop protests or even a flash mob... instead of things like terrorist.... now i'm sure those still get caught or flagged... but still it's a bit scary some of the examples of normal people being questioned or held simply for saying a joke or planning a protest.

in the end the message is know what your getting into and understand that it's all public... even stuff you make private even things that are encrypted it's still all out there... so don't be an asshole and keep some shit to yourself if you want to have any remaining privacy left.

the end was one of the more uplifting endings to a documentary i had seen in a while, i wont spoil it but it made someone feel more human then he ever seems any other times we see them.

this doesn't completely villify companies like google or facebook or tumblr... kinda the opposite.
social media is a sort of necessary evil, everyone uses it, just be smart and understand that companies are always watching... always trying to sell things to you... using info they got from other sites.

the screening had the creator of the film, it was good to hear him answer questions i felt bad that some people asked him about why this technology didn't stop the incredibly sad boston bombing, he's just a film maker guys... he can't know why and your just putting him on the spot.

but yeah great documentary, i have a feeling it will eventually be on netflix since the documentary festival was sponsored by them and yeah netflix is a great place for documentaries to end up.
i suggest that if you have a chance see it for yourself and make your own opinion. i didn;t want to spoil too much cause yeah, it's fairly new.

but yeah i enjoyed it... unlike the other thing i finished on the way home........ i'll post that tomorrow though... i wanna end this feeling good.

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