Sunday, 2 June 2013

Figure Photoshoot - Asuna Nendriod

But Rai! You said you pretty much loathed Sword Art online in your review.
why did you buy merch of it?

I really enjoyed the first half.... which is when preorders for this, and nendo kirito who should arrive in a few weeks, came up. 

where the show lost me was the Elfenhiem arc.
i'm not going to go into it now i wrote a long review on it.... but the TL;dr is I hated the second season so much that i actually can't enjoy the first half. i wish i could erase my memory of the second season but i can't...

still that being said the first season had some great themes and interesting character designs.
so i don't mind owning the two nendo's i preordered while i liked the show.... but i don't see myself ever supporting this show again. 

but how is the figure?
daw she's so cute~ i love her outfit (granted it may have to do with the fact my favorite colour is Red.)

my only gripe with the figure is that the post that connect her to the base only had the one curved bitistead of the normal 2... and that means theres only really on angle you can have her at to have her standing.... which means less movement in the poses... that and her top half comes off a little easier then i would line.. but it allows for great waist articulation so thats good at least.

she comes with a lot of accesories, this one is probably my favorite BUT it was also the trickest to photograph... if i had a bigger base it would work but it's just a little too close to her to get the point across

she also comes with two other faces and quite a few arms so thats always fun... i really do like this figure i just felt like i didn't end up getting that one picture that makes me happy...
but i did take a lot of shots.

and of course my crazy close ups.

that last shot it probably my favorite.
but yeah i'll probably take soem shots of her and kirito together... aside from that i really don't want to talk about this show ever again.

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