Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Completed: Uta no prince-sama maji love 1000%

AKA. Uta-pri.

this show....
this show.

I have no idea where to even start.

The show is about a school for singers and composers who are preparing to debut.
past that the plot is completely inconsequential and silly.

okay there is a little more
there is a girl and she loves composing music.
and she bumps into 6 handsome singers.
Theres the red singer who is spunky and full of energy.
the purple singer who resembles an already popular singer but it can be him cause he's already debuted.
the blue singer who seems to enjoy passtimes like caligraphy.
the Orange singer who is voiced by the same guy who did matoba from natusme yuujinchou and Daiki from Kuroko no basket... so now i just wanan draw them all playing basketball...
ok back on topic
the yellow singer who also happens to be the glasses guy of the bunch and completely bi-polar.
the pink one who is much more outspoken and childish then the others.
oh and i guess green who gets to be in one ep and is a cat.

so 7 handsome singers but only 6 of them go to school with her.

so um yeah... theres a lot of singing
most of the time it's followed by amazing studio quality sound and reverb and sparkles and hearts.
it's so over the top and stupid and silly
and i can't help but smile.

i should LOATH this show... it is literally about nothing... like yes they are trying to debut but theres never an question that they wont cause the first few minutes of the first episode spoils that.
but i dunno... it's just a fun time.

i did use it mostly as background noise so maybe if i sat down and actually watched it i would hate it more... but as far as harmless reverse harem anime goes this one is just a fun time.

The good:
characters are well designed.... well all except one... i'll get to that later.
the music is catchy... the ending song is so stupid but so fun and it just makes me want to do that stupid dance.
if you want to laugh at something that is taking itself way too seriously this is the show... it both takes it self seriously and plays it for laughs which just has me giggling the entire time.

the not so good:
ths show is stupid and pointless... maybe season 2 has more of a point but the first season is just 13 episodes of dumb. i didn't mind it but i know some people will not be able to stand such pointlessness.
the main girls eyes... they have green centers while everyone else has black in the center... it looks odd and almost souless... maybe if the others had coloured centers or maybe if it were a darker green it would look better.... but yeah thats just a pet peeve of mine.

will i watch 2000%?
probably... again most likely as BG noise. it's just too stupid to actually give my full attention and the language is simple enough i can understand 90%
i mean the bulk of it is "lets sing! i want to hear you sing! you;re not singing with all your heart!"
simple stuff.
but yeah honestly i don't recommend this show UNLESS you plan to have a laugh.

also i'm pretty sure in the context the song/show is talking about percentage doesn't work that way... oh well.. minor gripe
oh looks like green gets a little more screen time in 2000%.... too bad i don't really care.

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