Friday, 28 June 2013

Completed: Chihayafuru 2

so apparently SNAFU is about a week behind so i get to space these out a bit... yay
Also that fever i mentioned is still around so... i will ramble... 


Chihayafuru 2
The Second season of the Karuta Sport anime/shoujo series.

when the first season aired i was still in college... which kinda blows my mind....
because i don't want to wait that long for a third season!
I want it now. *forever bad at waiting*

The show is about Chihaya who discovers her love of the 100 poets matching card game through a friend and works hard to get a club going in her school and become the queen.

I am not normally a fan of sport anime but this has to be my favorite right next to Kuroko's basketball.

It does a perfect job in explaining the rules to the game gradually over time.
it has unique and diverse set of characters from all over (with different body shape/types to boot for added awesome) who all have distinct personalities/advantages/disadvantages.
Unlike other sport anime there is no calling out of special attacks... just "holy shit she hit the card before the speaker made a sound" or "how did he hit two cards so quick?"
there is no "if i just believe in myself i will win" but instead of the more realistic "what are they doing that i am not thats giving them and edge"
characters no matter how important do occasionally lose... which always is a plus in my books cause i hate watching something knowing that they have to win for the story to progress... in this case win or lose it doens't matter... life goes one....
so... sport anime/shoujo series/slice of life.

anyways other things i really love about this show.
The art
it's... so... pretty
and a little sparkly... which is always a plus in my books...
but yeah it's just so lovely to look at.
The music
it just fits the mood perfectly, though the ending song made me swear a few times cause i didn't want the episode to end there. still a lovely song.
The love ineterest
it's there, it's never really the focus... cause chihaya is a bit sense.
the new characters... i was worried that some would end up getting pushed to the side cause it's 7 main instead of 5 and they do kinda but they all still get a portion of their arc... there will be a third season eventually (i can't see much more then that.... i mean it all depends on how they pace it but who knows.) so i get why the arcs weren't fully realized but at least nothing was too cliffhangery.
well the ending was a bit of a "you can't end there" but nothing where i'm mad that it's over... for now.

um... something negative....
well one character, who does the most growing this season doesn't get much attention but now that he's in the same rank as Chihaya i think that will change a bit.
that and of course i may have to wait another year or so before the next season... not amused by that notion.
maybe i'll read the manga....
or not.... i just want more....

so next thing i'll probably end up finishing is... Gargantia... hopefully by then no more fever...

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