Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My life as a gamer.

With the recent developments at E3 i felt that it's appropriate to talk about my personal experience with video games.

I have always had some kind of video game system in my house. My father always enjoyed video games so he got them more for himself then he ever did for us.
We had an NES though i don't remember... i was too little.
My grandparents had the SNES so i only got to play it when i saw them.
Games were never a huge part of my life at that age, my mother believed in this frightening place known as Outside where we would do this thing called... playing.
that and i was only allowed 1 hour of tv a day... and almost every day half of that was taken up by Sailor moon... so it took priority over games.

however i still do consider myself a gamer... some of my favorite memories revolve around games.

One christmas I woke up at abut 6 am from excitement but the rule in my house was 'no presents till 7'
so not wanting to wake my family i went downstairs to see if there were any cartoons on to watch.
Next thing i know i'm being yelled at. "GET OUT OF THE BASEMENT" they cried. "NO BASEMENT ON CHRISTMAS!" i thought this pretty odd since that had never been a rule before but i wasn't about to start a rumble with my folks on the day i get presents... so i go upstairs and they are looking at me.. trying to see if i discovered anything.
this is when i realized my folks were just crazy and left it at that.

so we opened the present and there was one that was fairly big and addressed to both me and my brother which almost never happened.
so we opened it up and it's an empty n64 box.
so i looked at them. "the reason i wasn't allowed in the basement was because of this right?"
they nod.
"why not just hook it up after we open it"
"cause i wanted to play golden eye" my father replied.... he had been playing the damn system for a few days.... cause waiting would have just been too difficult.

unfortunately the system broke when we moved across the country but we got a game cube soon after.

So up to this point, only really played nintendo... i had friends and family that had sony and sega but it was just the occasional thing.

however when i wasn't getting the same amount of fun out of my gamecube that i had out of the other systems i turned to Sony.
I got a ps2... and it's got some of my favorite RPGs on it. it was a moment where irealized i liked games a lot more then i thought i did... oh and i also had nintendo handhels which are still my favorite thing ever.
My brother had a xbo but between the giant controller and lack of jrpgs i barely ever played it.

then the next generation... i wanted to get a ps3 but that pricetag was just too steep and there weren't any games screaming at me that they needed to be owned/were completely exclusive.
i did get a wii for the holiday and my brother got a 360.... he got a lot of games.... i got a handful.
i have some games i love on the Wii like the trauma team series but overall it didn't live up to the hype at all... and everyone cites galaxy as one of the best games for it.... and i can't play it without flipping my shit... so.... not a fan.
still between my GBA and DS i was still playing a lot of games.
Then the wii u launches.
and i just shrug my shoulders...
there was nothing that made me want to even think of spending money on it... yeah it's got some neat things but as far as games go... kinda been there done that.
it's been the same game for so long....
"oh but they changed something and that makes it a new game!"
for you maybe... for me ... it's just boring...
people are treating walking diagonally in pokemon like it's the second coming and i'm sorry but itshould have happened ages ago...
we should have ALWAYS been able to customize out avatar.... we should be able to travel all over the world... hell a pokemon MMORPG would be the best thing ever. i know it'll never happen but it would be amazing.
also i htink pokemon needs to be a little more realtime... but like how the paper mario series is... turb based but with button presses that allow for more damage or defense.

ugh tangent...
so... when sony announced their stuff a few months back i was a little worried that maybe i wouldn't be owning any console...
then microsoft did theres and i was flabberghasted. "maybe my brother wont be getting a new console either..."
i just couldn't imagine this house without games.

i was worried about e3 cause it would probably cement my opinion one way or the other.

SO.... Microsoft.
we are evil big brother company but look at all these brown shooters and sports games.
ugh... yeah... thats for not addressing any o the problems you were called out on.

Everything microsoft said... yeah... we're doing pretty much the opposite.
Oh and Versus 13 is now 15 and kingdom hearts three is actualy gunna happen
*standign Ovation*
one last thing, our price is 100 bucks less then microsoft.
*party time*

We are going to give you similiar gaems like we have for the past 20 years... and smash on 3ds.
*coughs and light clapping*

so yeah i went in with no expectations and i came out of it figuring i'll eventually get a PS4.... probably whenever 15 or kh3 release.... i will avoid getting it right away cause i avoid getting the first run of any console.

will i get a wii u? can't see why i would need to... theo ne game that looks fun on it is coming to 3ds too so........ yeah
will i get an Xbone
no.... but i was never going to... they just also wont be getting any money from my brother since it's been decided we can't support a company with those kinds of practices.

i feel like i'm at an odd place as a gamer... i've always leaned more towards handhelds... i'll be getting a vita in september (thanks Ys) and i already have my 3ds with a surprising amoutn of games (granted i loath about half of them [kid icarus, rhythm theif, Kingdom hearts DDD]) for only having had it a little while.

still... who knows what the next few years will bring... i kinda how there won't be anymore new consoles from here out but i know that wont be the case... wait and see... for now i just get to wait to get a ps4... i have time....

but seriously nintendo do something new... you have so much creativity and you are wasting it... and we're supposed to give you all our love and attention for things other games have been doing for a long time.

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