Thursday, 27 June 2013

Comleted: Devil Survivor 2 The anime

Holy crap the end of the season feels like it came out of nowhere....
and almost everything i'm watching ends this week... lovely... so i guess 5-6 'reviews' on the way.

First: Devil Survivor 2.

Now a quick note, i have not played this particular game but i have played the first one.... i can't beat it no matter how much i try but hey... at least i tried.

while they technically aren't Shin Megami tensei games i have played varying degrees of Persona 1-4
i enjoy the series despite how difficult and controller/handheld throwing it can get.

so when Crunchy Announced that they were airing the anime of the game i had thought of picking up but i wanted to be the first one first i was excited because i honestly care way more about the story then i do the gameplay.

Any time you go into an SMT story there are a few things to expect.
Death - even main characters aren't safe from it.
Sadness - even happy ending aren't happy
Destruction - whats the point of having gods, demons, myths and legends duel if you aren't going to destroy the world at least once?

So yeah... just know that going in.

so what the show about.
The end of the world as a test for humanity.
The will of humanity to survive
the choice that the survivors make.

Our main character is Hibiki and after being killed in a subway he is given the choice to live, he takes it. From there he learn that 7 monsters are going to try and destroy humanity as a test and that if they survive it they can remake the world as they see fit.

there are different organizations and personalities but in the end the goal is the same... Survive.

The good:
The voice acting.... so.... yeah... because hibiki is voiced by the guy who did Natsume and Yamato is done by the guy who played matoba it just feels like a more action heavy Natsume yuujinchou.
all the voiced in the show are great but i really love hearing those two play off each other.
The art and animation...
1. i want Hibiki's hoody
2. his hair is so fluffly
3. gah everything in this show is so darn pretty.
the story is pretty good too but i can tell they probably told things out of order from the game cause... well SMT games are long and slow to build and this was a 13 episode series. need to speed things up.
the intro and ending song really really good too... the music in general just fits the mood perfectly

the not so good:
i despise how the female are designed by SMT in general but in this show it's particularly ridiculous.
Fun fact, Breasts do not act like that... they shouldn't look poliganol and really should have clothing adhere to them like socks. A dancer in particular has barely a strip of fabric covering her noughty bits which must be attached with glue cause considering how much she is tossed around there is NO WAY it would continue to cover her. This is just an irk i have...  iknow 99% of people don't care but dammit it's annoying as hell.

the bad:
it's over : (
i wanted more
oh and i guess i was partially waiting for an explanation of why Alcor looks so much like hibiki and there.... there just wasn't... oh well... maybe i was looking too much into it.

on a sadder not Index has been charged with fraud lately... i hope this doesn't stop more SMT or Persona games from being made but i guess we will see... i'll proabbly wait a bit to watch SNAFU cause yeah my fevers gotten progressively worse during this review so i better just rest... maybe play some animal crossing...

but yeah good show, i enjoyed it, you don't need to have played any SMT to enjoy it (though if your like me you may have commented on how it much be nice to have Mazio or Ziodyne available rigth off the bat... but i'm snarky)

oh and if you can't stand seeing Anatomy bits in the form of monsters best to just avoid SMT, you wanna know what i mean? look at your own risk, NSFW

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