Sunday, 2 June 2013

Figure photoshoot: Natsume yuujinchou

So, this year i wasn't able to go to Anime north due to family situation and then coming down with the flu shortly before the con... my friend was able to go and she found this little gem.
and until i have one of my own she will have my eternal jealousy.
but honestly i'm really happy that she managed to get it cause getting ANY Natsume Merch that isn't Nyanko-sensei is really difficult...

also she let me take pictures of it so... yay~

i mean... um... this firgure was originally part of a prize set and is a little smaller then your average 1/7th scale figures.
i don't know the company it's from but my gut is telling me Banpresto.

look at the detail~
look at that face~

gotta get all the angles.

so yeah... a really nice figure, absolutely nothing can be posed but in the end who cares... it just means fewer seams.

and one day... i will have a natsume figure of my own... until that day i will send juealous aura's every time i see it at my friends place.

But sereiously thanks for letting me see it/take pictures of it.
And like me she's an artist! go check her out on Deviantart~

hm.... maybe i could sculpt my own nastume figure.... i'll add it to my 'to do' pile.

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