Monday, 5 December 2016

Pokemon Sun

Sometimes i'm just not sure how to start these things off.

So i think story time is in order.

I have been a fan of pokemon for years, ever since the first episode of the anime came out i was hooked.
I remember at school there was this spot where everyone would go to trade their pokemon cards (before the schools all banned it) and a kid gave me a card so i could join in the fun. from that one card i grew my entire collection (which i still have even though it has little to no value)
I remember the kid who'd let me watch him play Pokemon Red during recess.
I remember making the mistake of looking at a pokemon yellow/green gameboy colour combopack at a costco with my grandparents nearby... and then being given that same combopack in the car on the way home.

I have so many happy memories of this series... so the overall theme of looking back and growing from that that this game pushed forward really hit home.

In the past 20 years things have changed.
well maybe not changed... i mean i still love art and anime as much (if not more) then when i was little.
so then in the last 20 years things have grown... i think thats more of an accurate statement.
and yes there are things about this series i wish would grow more... some action elements to combat would be welcome... maybe a MMO (which for the record i know will never happen but imagine if it did... they would make all the money... i guess the closest thing we have for that is Pokemon Go)

However... i did enjoy this game a lot... even the things it changes.
is it the best pokemon game?
*looks over at gold/silver/crystal/heartgold/soulsilver*.... no.... no those ones are still my fav... but this is very close.

I had a lot of fun with this one.
A lot more fun then i've had with a pokemon game in a while.

The locations are beautiful, the flow is nice and i never feel like i'm begin blocked for stupid reasons
The game does feel a bit short? i beat it in about 30 hours and i wasn't rushing.... also i haven't done any post game stuff so that should be fun. (i will update this after i do the post game stuff... unless it's only catching legendarily then... then that would be kinda sad.. )

My final team was as follows

Takashi the Mimikyu (easily one of the strongest pokemon on my team... plus adorable)
Darious the Leafeon
Leonidas the Solgaleo (cause gotta have one legendary on your team right?)
Yuki the Alolan Vulpix
Corwin the Incineroar
Lily the Alolan Raichu

It was nice havign fun with the series again. i was going to try a nuzlocke but... nah i'll leave that to others... too stressful for me lol
besides my team has to be full of cute or what is the point~

if you are a long time fan of the series and just weren;t sure abotu picking the game up, i think you should.
if you are new to the series i think you'll enjoy it just as much as the veteran players.

Final note, that nod to the original game at the end? brilliant... i loved it so much... good job gamefreak/pokemon company.

now i can go back to playing Ace attorney: Spirit of Justice....
and FFXV of course...

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