Saturday, 17 December 2016

Ghost Slayer Ayashi

Sometimes it's just fun to give random shows a chance.

So Crunchyroll has a lot of titles i have never even heard of, occasionally I have been trying to give them a chance by watching about an episode a night.

This show seemed interesting because for a 2006 show the animation is really good. the focus is on breaking down what the parts of the kanji mean and how they would manifest as weapons and it's set in a time when japan had closed off it's borders to the rest of the world.

We follow Yukiatsu Ryudo, a vagrant who is living illegally in Edo and is trying not to be captured since it would mean his death.
However fate has something else in mind as a group known as Ayashi find and try to recruit him. Seems he has an ability to manipulate names (ayagami) and create weapons that will destroy monsters known as Yoi.

The show is mainly about destroying the monsters but it also deals with possible conspiracy to overthrow the current government and some organisations working to try and forcefully reopen the borders of japan.

While i did enjoy the show i wouldn't say it's terribly good.

Throughout the enter runtime there were issues of "who is the good guy" or "i don't understand this characters motivations" and it's mostly because people are more shades of grey but as far as telling an interesting story sometimes it was a bit distracting to see people act wildly out of character.

In the original 25 episodes a lot is left unanswered so there are 5 additional episodes. these are both great and terrible.

Great because they tie up all the loose ends (and have some really interesting moments that harken back to things in the intro song of season 1 which i always love).
Terrible because it makes one character act so out of character the it kinda destroys what the rest of the show has built up.

Still i did enjoy it... as average as it was. in a few years i'll probably forget having seen it but hey.... at least i got to see the most basic looking characters with the most sparkly eyes i have ever seen. that was kind of fun.

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