Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Web Working!

cause i don't want to make the title www.working! so i'm going with what i have been calling it this past season.

um... I really enjoyed Working/Wagnaria... those three seasons were funny and sweet and well paced but i was wondering how they would handle an entirely new cast....

and the answer is... well... it's rushed.

Unlike Wagnaria.... Web Working is only 13 episodes long... but it tries to have the same amount of character development and it's just.. all over the place.
Time passes crazy fast but no one ageas or changes (until the very end.)
Characters get together out of nowhere.
and some of the humor falls flat either due to repetativeness or just not being funny.

A friend of mine explained that this was considered the Cat cast (since Wagnaria had characters that had dog like personalities and this has more catlike personalities) which i would buy other then cats can be more then just assholes.... had they had a character running around doing crazy shit and getting distracted by everything maybe i would buy the explination but it seems to be more just everyone is a chill asshole.

I did like the show overall.. it's still got the charm of Wagnaria... it just felt like it was trying to cram too much into too little time.

and Now i'm done with all my shows for the year... time to get writing! (unless i once again remember something i forgot..... hopefully i'm done though.)

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