Saturday, 31 December 2016

Year end top 10ish Disappointments

OK i don't have 10 things because honestly i didn't have many disappointments this year as far as anime and video games were conserned.
I mean the rest of the year sucked and i think we all know it but right now... video games and anime only. and these titles aren't 100% bad... just disappointing to me personally.

8. www.working!!!

or as i call it, Web Working.
This was the final show i finished this year and it was a rushed mess. Yes i like the characters... the psychic girl who doesn't know she's psychic... the murderous pricess who tortures her poor childhood friend/crush...
actually those are the only characters i liked but they are great... but it doesn't have nearly the same charm that working/wagnaria had and i feel like they were just trying to cash in on a known name and when Server x Service didn't do it they tried this and yeah... just not very good.

7. Ceres: Celestial Legend

So Incest plot lines are ALWAYS bad... and this show acknowledges that it's gross and icky so that's one good thing
everything else is just so forgettable....
don't believe me? apparently in 2012 i saw a large chunk of this show (like... 16 episodes) and i logged it on my Myanimlist account... and i completely forgot... and nothing from this show even felt a little similar
so yeah... this show is pretty boring and so i figured it should have a spot on the list.

6. Kiznaiver

To date i have never seen a Studio trigger show I've liked (I should clarify... they aren't bad they just aren't the kind of shows i enjoy)... but i thought the character design for this one was so cool and i had been hearing great things.
and yeah i just didn't enjoy this at all... it never resonated with me and i still don't get the hype... the intro was good?
But yeah this was a disappointing show and hopefully a future trigger show will make me understand why the studio is so beloved by all... this wasn't the one.

5. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Interesting concept, stunning animation... but it goes nowhere, does nothing and i barely remember watching it. maybe that stuff would be fixed with another season but for now i can only judge it on this and boy was it underwhelming. I kinda hope with this that the trend of adapting Light novels that focus on a video game-y world kind of dies down... cause i can only think of one good show that has come of that trend... (and it sure as hell isn't SAO).

4. Magical Girls Raising Project

It's painful watching something try way too hard.
this so desperately wants to be like Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Danganronpa and it just fails at both. maybe had it kept it's twist till a few episodes instead of showing us in the first few seconds... it should have tried to be more sinister instead of just "yeah this is happening and this is what we want you to do"
the ending was also very lackluster... maybe they were hoping for a second cour and it wasn't green lit? but it just felt rushed.
also i can't care for characters when it's like "oh here is there back story... time to get rid of them now" it's shallow and you quickly stop caring.
I still love the intro and ending of the show... but the show itself? not worth it.

3. Mighty No.9

I have no nostalgia for megaman
never played one before
still the kickstarter to this game looked like a good starting point for those types of games.
it was colourful and looked really fluid and fun, not as archaic as it's megaman counterpart... so i donated to lowest tear that would get me the game and little to nothing else... and waited.
and waited.
and forgot about it
and then it came out and no only was it nothing like what they were promising at first and to top it off it was also incredibly unfun.
Hell i'd argue that this game is damn near unplayable.
Now to be fair i have heard some people say "it's not that bad" or "you are just being blinded by your nostalgia" but to those people i say:

No, this is a terrible game.

It's buggy, it's got terrible controls (like there must have been a better way to map those buttons), the graphics are muddy and completely lacking on contrast. The level design is atrocious (i would argue some of the worst level design i have ever played). The story is lacking, the cutscenes are laughably bad and while the voice acting is fine there is just too much of it. (to the person who made Beck talk every time you dash... i question your sanity)

I cannot think of a single redeeming quality to this game except that it made a lot of people realise why it's so hard to put your money behind an unproven concept.

The biggest thing about this game though is just how little fun there is... like someone had to test this and be like "wow i would rather do anything else with my time right now" like... did anyone play the mansion level and think "wow this is great... i love that there are instant death things all over and no checkpoints" or the car level and think "man i love these slippy controls that make me plummet to instadeath constantly" or how about "gee this dashing thing is great... i wish there was a dash that made me just a pixel shorter so i could go under these instadeath pink fan things"

so yeah... this had to be on my list even though i didn't write about it (cause by this point everyone knows how bad it is... i honestly almost forgot about it till i was watching other year end stuff and was like "yep... that's is on my list")

2. The Last Village

Fun story, at the end of the year i check this blog and make a list of everything i finished.
Then i mark them as either Green - able to be in the top 10
Yellow - meh - can potentially be honourable mentions if there aren't many green.
Red - Bad/dropped
This was the only show on my entire list of the year that ended up red.
I have already written a bit about this waste of time so I'll sum up here.
the show takes it's own concept and then throws it out the window.
In a show about facing your past and accepting it to move on it has a lot of people choose to wallow in it.
I did plan on making this number 1 but in the end... it's really just on the bad side of mediocre. i had not hopes going in and i just felt like my time was wasted by the end but i knew in time i would forget all about it...
and honestly? i have... i can't remember any characters names (doesn't help that the cast is massive) and other then the basic plot BS i can't remember any of their struggles... so i can't give something so forgettable the number one spot... not when there was something i was looking forward to so much more that was just so disappointing.

1. Star Fox Zero

I have ALL the nostalgia for Starfox.
I have beaten starfox 64 hundreds of times.
there are times where it's like "i wanna kill an hour or so" and i just go through that game.
I love it.
Star fox Zero took that love and slapped some shitty controls and made the game unplayable for me.
I know people say you just have to have the click moment.
but this was game was frustratingly difficult to control that i didn't want to play long enough to have the click moment.

All they had to do was make it optional.
They could have had a setup that was just like Starfox 64, one where the wii u game pad was only used for the joy sticks to move the vehicle and point where you want the lasers to go.
not to mention the current control setup is like... so mu ship is pointing forward but my lasers are going left? or oh gee thanks for getting de-synched... again.

I wanted to love this game
I can't even begin to describe how happy I was when it finally got a release date.
and i should have learned not to expect anything... that getting your hopes up like that is just a good way to have them dashed.
I so desperately wanted to love this as much as starfox 64... and i just can't.
So i have to name this the biggest disappointment in anime and video games for 2016.

I hope you enjoyed my lists.... i know people like more negative stuff and i try to avoid being that person but it felt good getting this all off my chest.
Here is to 2017.... please let it be even better then 2016.

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