Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Yuri On Ice!!!

I have always loved Figure skating. almost all my life i've known someone who competes in it... hell i even got to design my friends dress once. 

for the longest time there have been no good Figure skating anime though (i remember one about a girl and this canadian ghost boy.... it was fine but i wouldn't call it good) 

Now not only can i say there is a fantastic anime about figure skating... it's possibly one of the best shows i have ever seen. 

Yuri on Ice follows Yuri Katsuki, after failing miserably at the Gran Prix he heads back home to Hasetsu to spend some time with his family at their hot spring since he hasn't been home in 5 years. 
However one day he is shocked to find out that 5 time world champion Victor Nicforov is not only staying at his family's inn but is also claiming he is going to start acting as his coach.

The goal is clear, Win gold at the grand prix final even if the road there isn't an easy one. 

Along the way Victor helps deal with Yuri's extremely low self confidence as well as helping him realize how much his life is surrounded with love. 

The only downside is that this is a 1 cour show so fitting that much into 12 episodes was a tiny bit rushed. 

They seem to have all but officially announced that we will get another season. no date or anything but if they are smart... it'll be more then 12 episodes. 
also if they are smart they will have more cameos since this show has transcended anime barriers like i have never seen. 
so many professional skaters were raving about this show. People who may have never sought out anime of their own volition watched this... that is kind of incredible. I am so happy to see a medium i adore get so much credibility so quickly.

not to mention this final episode seemed to crash Crunchyrolls site for a good 10ish minutes... i have never seen that happen before. 

This show was amazing. 
Great music, stunning animation, one of the most healthy relationships i have seen in any anime ever. 
Voice acting was perfect (plus seeing pictures of Junichi Suwabe dressing as Victor makes me way too happy) 
The only thing i didn't like about it was seeing the fandom freak out over every little line. 
it's an anime... it's going to end happily... like... that's just storytelling 101. 

So do i recommend it? Hell Yes! 
This is a show everyone should see. I hope that down the line many years from now when people recommend shows to someone who doesn't know where to start with anime that this is one of the titles they mention. I'm sure Season 2 (whenever it happens) will be just as good if not better. 

You can watch it on Crunchyroll: 
The dub is being Done with Finimation and should see a bluray release eventually. 

I loved this show, I hope you love it as well. 

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