Sunday, 11 December 2016

Haikyuu! 2nd and 3rd season

I am swiftly reminded why i write these right away...
it's been a day since i finished this and i just have no idea where to start.

So... first thing, this may be a little premature since... well there is obviously another arc but considering i never wrote one of these when i finally finished season 2 and we have had a 'season finale' i'm going to just go for it.

Haikyuu is an anime about a short kid who wants to play volleyball on a team that used to be a powerhouse school with a short player.

there is far more to it then that but i would have to describe every character so for now i'll just say this.

This IS a sports anime... it has some of the failings of the genre.... however unlike Kuroko no basket (which i swear broke me) no one is superpowered. even the powerhouse schools have reason for being as good as they are.

Hinata has a lot of stamina, is fast and can jump high but is garbage at serving and receiving.
Tobio is highly talented at setting and good at reading a situation but has a hard time working with others cause he expects them to automatically be at his level.
one character is extremely good at reading the situation but finds it difficult to care or put effort in.
another character has a unique serve but lacks confidence and is therefor inconsistant.

everyone has some kind of flaw that grounds them and that is so refreshing after "basketball gives you super powers"

Even three seasons in i am still loving this show and looking forward to more... sure certain moves (which were completely realistic) we over used but that is better then hearing "the zone" over and over again.

It was however super sad to hear that the voice actor who played the coach died in early october. he was such a talented voice and while the replacement (who was only there for 2 episodes) did a good job it will take a little getting used to (i also wouldn't be surprised if this is why we only got 10 episodes instead of 26 like the other two seasons have done)

but yeah i really enjoyed this show... the only reason it took me as long s it did to catch up was because i don't trust sports anime after Kuroko no basket... yuri on ice (yes it's a sports anime) gained some of that trust back at least.

And sure it helps that i am a short person who played volleyball on a team (grated it was a girls team so there were rarely extremely tall people) but in the end i think this show is extremely accesable to everyone to watch and enjoy.

SO before i end... i have been watching a lot this season
and a lot of it is really really good so yeah... hope to have all those written as the shows end and then it'll be time for the Year End Top 10... where i may or may not have enough for a negative list... i guess i gotta start compiling my data.

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