Saturday, 17 December 2016

Magical Girl Raising Project (spoilers)

I'm going to have to spoil this to be able to talk about it.... the show spoils itself within the first few minutes so i don't feel too bad about it but just know this is how i feel.

This show is ok.
Not bad, not good.... simply ok.
It also feels like it's trying way too hard to be like two other things... and really doesn't have it's own voice or purpose.

ok so onto the show.

Spoilers from here on out.


Magical Girl Raising Project follows a girl names Koyuki, while playing a phone game about magical girls the app comes to life and asks if she really would like to be one for real.

However after accepting she quickly learns that the motives behind this seletion process may be more sinister then originally perceived.... and the original goal of collecting the most candies soon turns into just trying to be one of the few surviving magical girls.

The entire time i was watching i felt like this was trying to be Both Puella Magi Madoka Magica (albeit far more violent) and Danganronpa (minus the trails but still with the copious amounts of killing). However the thing with those two stories is that they don't feel rushed.
They both also take the time to set up a safe world to then brutally tear it down and make you feel despair. This (like many shows with similar themes) suffers from "lets get you to like the character minutes before we cut them from the story" so you can't grow attached to anyone since you are pretty much explicitly told "this one is next".

The show never made me cry, for someone like me who cries so easily that shows that i couldn't form a connection with the events unfolding... it never resonated with me.

Still it's not a bad show. The music (including the intro and ending) are fantastic, the characters have adorable designs and even though they felt shoehorned in a lot of the characters on an individual level were interesting even if we only got to know them for 10 minutes or so.

I wish it had been a bit more about fighting the system that was wrongfully placed on them. I wish the ending had a bit more impact and i actually wish it has been a 24 episode long show instead of 12 since it would have felt a lot less rushed.

so yeah, i don't feel like my time was wasted... but i also don't feel like anything was gained by watching it.
It didn't make me feel anything.
It didn't make me think about the world around me.
it simply existed... and now it's done...

I will say that the episode previews were probably my fav of any show this season... just some text and maybe an audio thing? really well done.

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