Sunday, 25 December 2016

Kiss Him, Not me!

This is a comedy show about a Fujoshi (girl obsessed with Shonen ai/Yaoi) and her harem of boys that she obtains after she loses a lot of weight.

Granted, all of the guys are kind to her before she becomes pretty but yeah... thats the concept of the show.
The only problem is she ships these boys together... and is a bit dense when it comes to being liked.

The show is funny and has some sweet moments but i only ever was rooting for one guy cause he was the only one that seemed to like her no matter what. (most of the others only seem to like her if/when she's pretty)

it being a comedy reverse harem i honestly think it handled it's ending perfectly and it was good for a laugh.

I will say there were moments i wish they did more with... there are certain tropes in shonen ai/yaoi that are really unsettling (like someone forcing themselves on someone else when they've said no) and when it almost happens to her she connects that it's actually terrifying but never thinks "hm maybe i should think more about the media is consume and ask if this trope is still necessary"

so yeah it missed the mark at some points but the show overall is very sweet and fairly short.
also not my only reverse harem of the season so that's fun.

next will either be March comes in like a lion (again i don't know how long it is) or Magic-Kyun Renaissance.

Hope everyone has a Merry Chirstmas!

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