Friday, 16 December 2016

Bungo Stray Dogs 2

Seriously this season had far too many amazing shows.... like i feel like half of my year end top 10 list will be from this season and that's a little crazy.

Still now i have the joy of trying to summarize Bungo Stray Dogs.
hm... Easier said then done..

The story follows a detective agency in Yokohama where all the employees are considered gifted.
not just good at solving mysteries (although that is one of their specialties) but one can create illusions in a small area, another can make anything he writes down appear from his notebook and some can even turn into something not completely human.

This of course Steps on the toes of the local (and also heavily gifted) mafia... the story for the most part deals with these two warring factions.

Season 2 does a few things to spice things up. the first few episodes are more about how the agency came to be as well as introducing a new faction known as "The Guild" who are doing a lot of terrible stuff while spouting that they are the good guys.

it's a show that focuses on character interactions and thats probably why i loved it so much. it has a sense of humor one second and the next it can rip out your heart. the animation and music are lovely and it follows the rules it sets up which is really nice.

Is it a perfect show? no... there are many scenes (and i mean... a comical level) where characters are all standing still and talking to each other but we are just far enough away where they decided not to give them facial features. (but if this is why we get the stunning dynamic action sequences i'm ok with the tradeoff). some characters get tossed aside for no real reason or their ending is just like "ok i'm done now bye" and has little to no payoff.

Still i find the good outweighs the bad and i'm so happy we got this season season.... and hell season 3 gets teased at the end so i can't wait for that (even though there is no hint to how long i will be waiting.... waiting is hard and i'm just so bad at it...)

if you are curious about the show i would say give it 2-3 episodes and you should have a pretty good idea if you are enjoying it or not.

For now i'll just sit here waiting (and maybe drawing some fanart cause i really love the style)

I'm not sure what finishes next.... i'm just hoping some of my saturday shows finish next week (or i'll be writing 5 of these in one day...)

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