Monday, 26 December 2016

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

I have no idea why in the Musical reverse harem genre is a thing.... but I love it.

Logically i know this show isn't the best. The pacing is a bit off... most episodes feel like an excuse to get characters singing (even though only 1 of them is a singer), the male characters (while the do have personality) can mostly be put into specific stereotypes.
But i don't care, I really enjoyed this show.
I would only recommend it to people who can take a high level of goofy... but i still really enjoyed it.
I guess this is what a guilty pleasure is?

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance is about a girl who is transferring into a school that focus on magical arts (cause in this world artists of all mediums and styles go to school to learn how to create Sparkles.... like their art produces light show known as sparkles and these can look like different things.... roses, shattered glass, golden strings... bigass trees) however by chance she is assigned on her first day at school to the equivalent of a student council. and she just happens to be forced to work with this stranger that hates him for... reasons and the rest of the council refuses to show up so she has to convince them to come and do their job.

they have to all come together and do a large performance that melds all their different styles. (and i mean.... really different... a painter, a cellist, a baker, a calligrapher, a painter, a florist and a singer)

the rest of the show is about these guys falling in love with her... and while the show always keeps it open... there is a main one (cause... there almost always is in these shows) all surrounded by at least one song per episode.

and yeah... it's stupid and silly and i can't help but smile. If you can stomach just... goofiness.. give it a shot over on crunchyroll. 

If nothing else the animation is pretty good and the character designs are really nice.
Honestly i'm just happy that Crunchyroll translated the songs since they don't always do that *quick glance at March comes in like a lion* even if the lyrics are so bad... still it's very fun.

I think that's it for the year, march comes like a lion seems to be going into next year... so i can get to work on my top 10's for the year that i think everyone just wants to end.

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