Saturday, 24 December 2016

Poco's Udon World

Dammit *wipes tears from eyes* that was uncalled for.

ok... uh, first of all Merry Christmas... or merry Christmas eve... either way wow i cried a lot during the end of this show.

When i first turned it on I figured the show would be like... Barakamon mixed with a bit of Sweetness & Lightning.... and i wasn't entirely wrong... i just needed to throw in some Eccentric family.

Poco's udon world follows Souta, a web designer who is returning to his hometown after his father passes away. As he searches through the house he comes across a too adorable for words child. As he tried to find the kids parents it's quickly revealed that the kid is actually a Tanuki that has taken human form.

The rest of the show (oddly enough) plays out more like a tourism commercial for Kyushu.
Normally this would be a bad thing... since it's so blatantly like "oh look at this shrine where you can do this thing" or "this is something that is only done here" but honestly... this show makes it work... mostly because all of that is background to Souta dealing with the fact he feels responsible for this Tanuki child while keeping the fact that it's a tanuki a secret from everyone. the fact that they go to all these neat places for the bulk of the episodes really didn't bug me.

The final few episodes do push the tourism aspect aside as well so thats all good.

I really loved this show... i want to say it's in my top ten of the year but *looks at ever growing list* lets just say i have over 10 things fighting for the number 3 spot so..... it's going to be fun figuring all that out... i just have to hope some of the shows i haven't watched yet today end up being 2 cours instead of one...

but yeah i loved this show, it's very chill and other then the kid being a tanuki there is little to no conflict but it's so cute and heartwarming and sometimes that is nice.

You can watch it (and infact all the shows i just mentioned) on crunchyroll if you are curious.

Poco's Udon world -
Barakamon -
Sweetness & Lightning -
The Eccentric Family - oh wait never mind they lost the license to this one... but considering season 2 is on the way i wont be surprised if they maybe get it back?

But yeah once again, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays... i still have like.. .3 or 4 shows to watch but it'll probably have to wait for monday cause you know... holiday stuff.

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