Sunday, 20 November 2016

Beast Keeper Erin

Before i go to bed i like to watch 1 episode of something.
Normally this means watching one of the shows i own but lately i've been using my PS3 or PS4 (whichever is hooked up at the time) Crunchyroll App.

I figured it would be a great way to get through some of my backlog.
So after i finished FMA brotherhood i started looking through the titles and one caught my eye.
The promo art looked pretty enough so i gave the first episode a chance and i'm really glad i did.

I will say on the surface this show has a lot of rather confusing terms that you are just expected to know but when you get down to the basic plot it is as follows.

Erin is a young curious girl who desperately wants to help her mother take care of the village's Tohda (dragon like beast that warriors ride into war) However fate has something different in mind for her. With nothing but her insatiable thirst for knowledge and her love of seeing creatures behaving in their natural habitats she works hard in order to stop a great tragedy and possible civil war.

The anime takes place over a rather large timeframe for a slice of life show... like 8-10 years. but it's really nice seeing the characters age and see how growing up affects them.

my favourite part of the show actually has to do with the artstyle. when there are battles instead of having super detailed fight they go into a far more basic and geometric style that reminds me of papercraft. i almost wish more of the show looked like this.

The show is on the longer side for a slice of life (50 episodes) but it really allows everyone to develop and nothing feels rushed.

If i had one complaint it would be that there are a lot of reused animation clips... but considering how this show always looks very pretty i understand that they would want to save money when possible.

But other then that i am realyl glad i watched this show, i'm surprised i haven't heard anyone else talking about it.

I'll leave you with a link to the show on crunchyroll (which unfortunately you will need a subscription to watch... which is lame) And the intro song which i really loved.

Watch Beast Player Erin here

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