Monday, 31 March 2014

The Pilot's Love Song

*pouts like the child she pretends to be* i want more.

I hope this gets a second season, i don't think it will (depending on what happens in pilot and the princess) but still... i want more... cause i'm greedy.

Pilot's love song is about a floating land mass known as Isla that is heading to a place known as "the end of the sky". The story focuses on a class of new student who are learning to become pilots just incase they need to defend Isla from unknown foes. The class contains mostly younger student, one just so happens to be the supposedly dead prince who may or may not want revenge on the current governor who essentially sent his family to their deaths. However revenge is easier said then done. 

As i mention before it is in the same universe as Pilot and the princess but as of this moment i haven't seen that film and have no idea how they are connected... but i did order it from NISA so i should get it eventually (whenever the other thing i ordered gets released)
Also NISA announced pretty early on in the shows run that they got the license for this so i'm really excited to own this in one of their lovely boxes.

The good: 
There are a few turns that the story takes that i didn't see coming and i love being surprised like that. The story and world are very interesting and while some bits feel rushed (aka this could have easily been a 22-26 episode show instead of 13) the overall pacing works well for the type of story that is being told.
I love that fairly quickly not only do i know all the students by name (which is rare for me) but i also know all their personality and backstory without huge exposition dumps.

The not so good:
I'm curious what the animation budget was for this... and how much was spent on rendering the planes cause wow the animation for this show it pretty terrible.
It's never distracting but i do wish the show could be prettier to look at considering the grandeur of the plot.
and yeah... again... i want this to be longer but from the looks of it there are quite a few stories in this world so maybe we'll get more? I'm hopeful.

The bad:
That stupid voice actor recognition thing i do completely spoiled one of the bigger plot twists before it was even hinted at. It was literally a moment of "that sounds like------ ah crap" which was followed by me being all sad until it was finally shown.

In the end i enjoyed this title a lot, easily up there with my favs of the season, you can watch it over on Crunchyroll.

I think the only other thing that is finishing this season is Nagi no Asukura on Thursday and then it'll be onto the spring 2014 lineup first impressions... after looking at the promo art for all the shows nothing really jumps out at me but i'll still try to give everything a shot.

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