Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mischievous Kiss - Love in Tokyo

I don't tend to watch dramas cause they are... well they are kinda silly.

Half the time it feels like "oh lets just vacation to this cool spot and say we are filming a film" (granted some movies and shows here feel like that too)

However this one seemed cute enough... so i gave it a shot.

by the end *shrugs* it was okay. it does some stuff i do not approve of. Irie, the main love interest, is a selfish, narcissistic jerk face who spends the entire series go "nah i don't love you" until suddendly theres the potential that he can't have her and he's all "but she's mine"
and yeah that isn't okay...
not to mention this girl has no other life aside from "what does irie think about me"  I thought that maybe they'd hint at her love of food would lead her towards being a food critic but no... this girl has no other dream, no thoughts about herself... it's okay if someone dreams to be a housewife or have kids or not but she doesn't even think about that... all she thinks about is Irie... not even her with him... just him.
near the end she does start thinking about herself but damn it is really late in the series.

but despite all that..... i found myself really enjoying this series.
i guess this is what people call Guilty pleasures?

It's got some really sweet moments, the characters (especially the mom and kin-chan) are great and just a lot of fun... yeah it was good...
the music and effects are not good but everything else is enjoyable... maybe i should try some other dramas? it's hard jumping into something your not a big fan of in the first place.

Anyways season 2 has apparently been greenlit but you can see all of season 1 for free on Crunchyroll

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