Thursday, 27 March 2014

my dinner adventure

Yesterday my friend was part of a ceremony and i was invited along with her family, afterwards she had to stay and finish up some paperwork while i went out to dinner with her family.

"Lets go for Pho" they said.
my immediate reaction was "i like soup... should be good... i've had it once or twice before"

So we get there and yeah, the pho was really tasty.... it had a lot of Cilantro which i don't like but i was able to push most of it aside.

I head home and eventually get to sleep.

This morning:
I feel ill, really ill. I could hardly move without pain going through my entire body.... i felt almost dehydrated and my stomach hated me.... and i was confused cause i wasn't feeling this sick yesterday.
then it hit me... like how could i not see the obvious.

I have been allergic to MSG since i was little... i avoid asian food (in restaurants) because trying to flush it out of my system takes for ever and almost all of them use it.
however i haven't gotten sick from it for about 5 years cause i do not have it in my diet at all... and i completely forgot that pho would most likely have it. 

so moral of the story.... i'm a moron.

also fun side story: one time i was with my college friends in an asian grocery store and they offered me some food they bought. "no, i can't, it most likely has msg"
they nodded and said i should ask if it does.... so i did and the response i got was.
"of course it does, you are allergic? you can't be allergic.... it's from nature, it's made from tapioca"
i was flabbergasted by the sheer stupidity of the statement and before i realized i shouldn't be a snarky bitch i blurted out. "you know what else is from nature? Arsenic, Cyanide and hemlock" now at this point i was already commited to telling this woman how wrong she is so... "you say msg is from tapioca? okay thats fine.... but tapioca if it's not processed properly is poisonus so... that argument is wrong too"
needless to say she wasn't happy and i feel bad for being snarky to someone who gets enough shit from working a crappy min wage job... but i can't stand when anyone argues that "it's healthy cause it's from nature"
lots of deadly stuff is from nature... you argument is invalid.

but yeah hopefully i flush all this msg from my system soon... i don't want to be like this for more then a day.
but seriously why does all the yummy food have to use msg... that soup was delicious.... worth the pain? no.... but still good.

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