Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Completed: Blue Exorcist and Blue Exorcist The Movie

This show ended in October 2011 just around the time i started to write these blurbs.
I originally posted these on tumblr so i tried to make them as short as possible as to not clutter someone's page with text.
However... since i post these here now... i can be as long and rambly as i want and unfortunately i have a few stories to go with this so...

Short ver: Show is really good, you can watch it all for free here or you can buy it from Aniplex (though i suggest waiting for it to go on sale) The movie is also really good and only available from aniplex but seriously wait for it to go on sale.

SO~ with all that out of the way.

Blue exorcist is a story about twin brothers Rin and Yukio who just so happen to be spawn of satan. However only one brother actually inherited Satan's Blue flame and his powers were sealed in a sword. Both lived as humans until an unfortunate run in with a demon forces Rin to awaken to his powers and their lives are changed forever.

With the death of their foster father Rin makes a vow that he'll become an exocist and kick Satan's ass.

Now in these types of shows there tends to be the theme of things like Religion being the badguy and surprisingly this doesn't fall into that. Some corrupt people within the order are 'evil' but the order itself really just wants whats best for humanity... and most can't see how demons and humans could possibly live together but that doesn't make them evil... just uninformed. 
Granted on the flipside i'm pretty sure there are MANY instances of "that religion doesn't work that way" but hey, what do i know? It makes me chuckle and it seems like pretty much everything is acknowledged and fair game to use.

The animation is lovely, i don't remember if it was this pretty 3 years ago (cause between tv and dvd/blueray releases these shows almost always get touched up) but holy crap it is pretty now. it's expressive and colourful and just everything i love about anime. [except for one character but i'll get to her]

The music, how did i not notice how pretty it was the first time i watched. like i adore the intro and ending songs but even the inbetween music is stunning and i'm kinda hoping i can get my hands on the soundtrack. (granted, it's got lots of violins which i am a sucker for)

The ending is a little abrupt.... it feels like they could have easily had another season cause the story could easily continue on but instead they just ended it there and thats fine... i'll eventually read the manga and see if it continues on more.

my only complaint about the show is Shura's design.
She has some of the worst design elements i have ever seen.
I know she's not the first instance of underboob in anime but she's probably the worst, i can tell you for a fact that top would not stay in place with the way she moves. not even double sided tape would help keep those girls in check. not to mention with the way it;s down being too small it looks like it would be really uncomfortable squeezing in where it does. like if the deisgners had just given her a bra thats fits i would have no problem with this design choice... it's not the amount revealed i have issue with it's simply that breasts do not work the way some shows seem to think they work and it's frustrating to watch.
but thats not it
a lot of promotional artwork has her back broken in multiple places with bludges that makes me wonder if the artist knows a damn thing about anatomy... it's all played up to be sexy but i can't see it being anymore more then mind boggling.
Otherwise she's fine, it's always nice to see bad ass female characters i just wish they had given her undergarments that fit.

The movie:
The film takes place at some point in the story past when they become exwires but not sure if it's before the final episode or not... it doesn't matter.

Rin, after having botched a mission badly, come across an injured demon and because of his screw up he is ordered to watch it for a few days before they decided what to do with it.

this movie is so cute and sweet and the music and gah i wish there was more.
thats always how i feel with this show... "that was good, why is it over?"
i would say more but i don't wanna give anything away. if you enjoy the show you'll enjoy the movie.

NOW.... time for an itty bitty rant.

So there is a reason i waited three years to buy a show i really enjoyed.
every time they license anything i have a little cry.
their prices may as well be highway robbery.

I bought this is the 4 dvd set, the original price was 40 bucks for 7 episodes, i got it on sale for 20 each.
now i understand, localizing stuff isn't cheap and if there is a dub that can make the price get out of hand... still 20 bucks a disk roughly translates (after tax) to the 50 per half a season model i refuse to go over.... and i was really looking forward to the dub.
so boy was i surprised when i looked at the back.... granted this is my own fault... and i'm not upset that it was missing... i'm just annoyed that aniplex has the gaul to price a dubless anime at 40 bucks a pop for 7 episodes.
so then i looked, if i had really wanted the dub how much would i have to have shelled out?

Part 1 Bluray: 175 (12 episodes)
Part 2 Bluray: 175 (13 episodes)
ok well what about dvd?
Part 1 dvd: 80 (12 episodes)
part 2 dvd: 80 (13 episodes)

NO. no bad aniplex, you go to the corner and think about what you've done.
maybe if it came with stuff, a nice box? maybe then it would be worth it...
but the dvd comes with nothing, the blue ray comes with a cd and some lovely artwork but 3 times more then what everyone else sells half seasons for? no.
and the worst part is they keep licensing shows i really like...

Puella magic madoka magica? 50 bucks per 3-4 episodes on bluray, close to 40 each on dvd... 100 bucks per 4 episodes if you want the special edition. and the movies? two of which are retelling? 90 -120
yeah.... no, never, that is insane.

190 for the blue ray complete series... it comes in a lunch box and has a poster and mini artbook

even though i don't like this show... fate zero takes the cake.

For Sub only 13 episodes sets the retail price is 500 bucks.
right stuff has them at the low low price of 370-375 depending on where you live.
NO! why do they think they can get away with pricing their shit like this? oh thats right... cause people buy them.
or at least wait until they go on sale for reasonable prices. rightstuf does have all these items listed for a little less then i posted btu only a little... their sales are the best shot to get anything at a reasonable price... and even then...

Show is good
Movie is good
Aniplex sucks
i hope they stop licensing stuff and just let others do the licensing. but the need to keep animating cause their stuff is pretty.

i think i'm done.
well almost.
look at the pretty figures for blue exorcist.

ok now i'm done

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