Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Dropped: Hamatora

See, just cause it has my favorite voice actor doesn't mean i will automatically like it.

but this is episode 9... so why am i giving up so close to the end.

well for a large chunk of the episodes the focus was on Nice, a gifted minimum user and Art a great detective... and their relationship and interactions and how they help each other out without always realizing it.

Short Spoilers:

The other focus of the show is Art hunting down a man named Moral who is killing minimum holders and giving their powers to normal people. Art is doing everything in his power to find out about moral and keep Moral away from Nice.
this was all building up wonderfully and was prooving to be a huge conflict by the seasons end.
that is until seemingly out of no where Moral murders art.
now that scene is touching and really well done... Moral shape shifts into Art all to get closer to nice (even though he refuses to see nice) and it's like... how is this going to affect the dynamic...

End Spoilers

The reason i have dropped the show is cause after the event i mentioned in the spoiler we have gotten nothing but filler which has absolutely no bearings on the plot and is just goofy and stupid.... because of the change the entire dynamic of the show is ruined and it's just stupid and i don't care enough to finish.... maybe one day when i'm bored i'll see the rest but for now? no. the best part of the show isn't there anymore and although the artsy stuff it did was kinda neat it gets old and overdone rather quickly.

it was funny when the second episode hit and i was getting devil survivor 2 flashbacks... cause it's the same singer... but even the music seems a bit tired now.
maybe the show gets better by the end, for now just too much filler.

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