Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Oleander -From Start to Finish-

it's been a while since i;ve shown my process work... so time to get back into that habit.

First off I want to mention that i have a love hate relationship with flowers, i love drawing them and i love using things like the langugae of flowers or colour to add more depth to a piece but when i have to actually render the flowers... i quickly begin to despise them.
so thats why there are so many pictures of mine that have flowers but the gaps between these pictures are large cause i forget why i hate flowers... cause i tend to go over the top.

This time... oh boy did i go over the top.

So i did a quick sketch and this is what went through my head.
I wanna draw a bust with flowers...
I wanna draw Niut, probably one of my more miserable characters considering everything she touches ages rapidly.
most flowers have positive meanings cause society has an obsession with not acknowledging negative things....
still better look.
narrow it down to 6 flowers that fit, pick two that also have the added proerty of being poisonus.
go to town with drawing way too many stupid flowers.

hm it's funky but i can fix it later... 
so the flowers are Oleander (aka Nerium) in the language of flowers they mean caution and through more research i also found that every aspect of them is considered poisonous
The smaller flowers are Purple Hyacinth which means I am Sorry, please forgive me. also apparently the bulbs are poisonous to the touch
At least according to this site

So great... i have a sketch (which i haven't been able to do for a while cause of my stupid injury), i have some symbolism that makes me happy and if no one else gets it then thats fine too... now i just have to ink and colour~ shouldn't take too long.

Day 1:
got all the inking and flat colour done in one day? i must be on a roll... this should be done in no time!

Day 2:
those stupid flowers.... they took all day... (approx 2-3 hours of work) and now i can't hold my tablet pen anymore.... i hate you flowers... i hate you so much...

Day 3:
I was worried since i still couldn't feel my hand that i would have to wait a few days before working on the last two layers but eventually i got feeling back and was able to finish... and here is the final product.
and yeah... i had a lot of fun with it, i am in a lot of pain right now but i don't care... i miss drawing and i haven't be able to much lately... so it felt so good to work on this.

I hope you enjoy it and you can also see it over on my Patreon and Deviantart pages.

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