Sunday, 30 March 2014


First impression of the show: wow this is one of the prettiest shows I've ever seen...
it's also nice to hear hiroshi kamiya... i didn't know he was in this... lucky~

First time hearing the intro song: That voice... it's familiar.... Granrodeo? *waits till it pops up* Called it.... dunno when i started being able to do that with music but.... okay.

After hearing the ending song a few times: It sounds like... Hiroshi Kamiya singing... but.... can he even sing? *does a little research* son of a..... he has a band? and he IS singing the ending song for this show *sighs* i give up...

Anyways.... onto the show.

Karneval is about Nai and Gareki and how they end up on a ship full of elite agents known as Circus. Nai is actually an animal in a human body so many different factions are after him, Gareki just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up saving and then befriending the odd boy.
They eventually befriend their bodyguards and everyone works together to find Nai's father/creator Karoku.

All that being said i will be greatly upset if this show doesn't get a second season... so far they are saying no but it's being considered.

The good: (sorry in my feverish state over the past few days I've completely thrown my format out the window... lets get back to doing this right now that I'm finally better [only took 48ish hours])
As i said above this is probably one of the prettiest shows I've ever seen. The lovely use of colour, the fluid animation and just incredibly detailed art... half the time i couldn't help but want to draw cause it was all just so pretty.
The voice acting is stellar and I'm not just saying that cause my fav voice actor has a lot of speaking time. This just has a really good cast... even Nai who would normally be "the annoying" voice is kinda cute in a childish and endearing way... and the bunny/sheep robots... way too cute.
The music is good... again not just cause i happen to like granrodeo (though that helps) and KAmiYU has my fav voice actor singing (that helps too though) but the circusy vibe of the music without being overdone is just such a nice balance.
The character design is also pretty fantastic, every silhouette is distinct which for anime is pretty rare... also I'm a suck for extremely colourful characters... i mean i like when they go more realistic too but in this world the colourful hair and eyes work so well.

The not so good:
The way it ended completely suggest 2nd and potentially even 3rd seasons.... but it seems the show didn't do as well as they were hoping... but this show is really good so... i hold out hope that maybe we'll get another season? it's been a year since the original spring 2013 release... anime do tend to have long breaks... but yeah if this is really all we get then that kinda sucks. It ends off at a fine point but boy do i want more.

The bad: 
... i got nothing.
Maybe some chunks feel a bit filler-ish?
maybe we could have learnt more about circus?
But if we get another season I'm positive those things will be addressed.

for now though... I'm bad at waiting so.... time to see if anyone has licensed the manga.
. . .
well that sucks... honestly I've been so behind with manga licensing companies in NA that i have no idea who would be best suited for this kinda story....
I'm just gunna say shoujo beat cause it's cheap.
and yes.... i consider this shojo... that many pretty boys and i automatically assume it's targeted at my gender thank you very much (though anyone could enjoy it I'm sure... shojo doesn't only mean romance just like shonen doesn't only mean action)  

The entire season can be seen over on Funimations website (at least in North America, i do not know if they ever license for other countries.)
I will be picking up the DVD if i see it for a good price at a con... for now though i really should be conserving bandwidth (can't wait for unlimited bandwidth starting next month.)
and maybe some fan art of the show would be fun... so much colour... i could go nuts.


  1. I'm happy to read you enjoyed it too - I did not read good things about this, but I've watched it anyway since I really liked the character design and the story didn't seem that bad to me :D
    And yep, IIRC someone told me this actually is a shojo, but hey - practically all of the other shows have almost only female characters and that doesn't mean a girl can't enjoy it :P

    1. I actually saw a lot of people say they story was bad but i felt the story was pretty decent... i think most people are annoyed at how it ended but again... i'll give it the benefit of the doubt and hope for season 2.
      But yeah i wish people wouldn't assume that shojo is girl only and shonen is boy only cause it's not... they may tend to stick to certain type of stories but most of the time i find they are enjoyable by everyone... at least in my opinion.