Thursday, 27 March 2014

Witch craft works

two things before i start.
1. i didn't get to this show till today cause i had plans yesterday so yeah i'll probably be writing 4 of these things today.
2. due to eating food filled with MSG yesterday (cause i'm dumb and didn't think pho would have it) i am very sick today and running a bit of a fever. if my spelling is worse then normal or my sentences don't make sense that is why.

When i first heard about this show it didn't seem like something that would appeal to me. it's a goofy show about all these witches who are after one boy because he has "powerful white stuff inside him"
.... no not that...
the white stuff is the all powerful witch evermillion and yeah everyone wants her power.
then stuff happens.... and it's all pretty goofy and funny and well animated but what sold me on the show was this.

this song made me way too hard the first time i saw and pretty much encapsulates the vibe of the show.
is the show good? it's okay, it's just kind of fluffy fun with some really nice visuals and great character design. I had fun watching it over on Crunchyroll.
will i ever watch again? no
will i be thinking about it after i finish writing this? probably not
but it was a lot of fun and sometimes thats great.

Also when i heard the intro song for the first i got this odd feeling. "why am i getting eccentric family feelings?"
well... cause it's Fhana... who did que sera sera which is still one of my fav songs.

but yeah, it's a fun little 12 episode show and if they ending song makes you laugh as much as i did you should check it out.

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